Grand Master Monthly May Results

SSF4 teams:

1: Josh+One
2: Damian+Kyle
3: Dave+Joe
4: Briand+AJ
5: Hubbs+Nas
5: Cronux+NickNasty
7: Franny+GFX
7: Malice+BigE

1: Dr.Chaos / Josh Wong

3: Kalick
4: Julian
5: Philly-One
5: Bryheem
7: Kyle
7: Dave D
9: JJJ
9: Damian
9: Brian
9: JD
13: Fran
13: Hubbs
13: Kenny
13: Nick Nasty
17: Big E
17: strangla
17: NAS
17: Hal
17: GFX
17: Stephen
17: Sporko
17: Cronux
25: Jeff GDoc
25: AJ
25: Suirad
25: Malice
25: Brandon G


  1. Woahhzz (Ivy)
  2. Sporko (Voldo)
  3. 350z (Ivy)
  4. JJJ (Amy)
  5. FightClubHuBBs (Lizardman)
  6. Suirad (Sophitia)
  7. Malice (Sophitia)
  8. ZeroEffect (Talim)

Tekken 6:

  1. Josh / Bryheem

  2. Julian

  3. Nas

  4. Rick

  5. Stephen

  6. Hubbs

  7. Kalick

  8. Rob O. (forfeit)

  9. Dr. Chaos


  1. Josh Wong / Damian

  2. Bryheem

  3. GFX

  4. Julian

  5. Warrior

  6. Hubbs

  7. Roger

Josh wong!!!

GS to everyone that made it out thanks for coming, I hope everyone can make it back out.

bryheem got dealt with

lol lol

Damn warrior.

Damn looks like it was a good tourney… Too bad I couldn’t make it! Would’ve finally won Tekken 6! And, uh, probably place top 8 in SF4 singles/teams…

well it was tough tournament for my 1 month old Ibuki
good shit to everyone
next time you’ll see an improved Ibuki
I found some realllll crazy mixups that can stun everybody with two meters lol
yeah include T.hawk

1 month old ibuki was still a pain in my ass. -_-


BTW I have a theory as to why the stream’s framerate sucked last yesterday. There were some other people in the store playing some COD online during the tournament so that probably stole some bandwidth and made the stream lag.

Hubbs, this is not a knock on you or Big E. because I think you guys are doing great things out there but I just want to chime in with my two cents on the stream.

Okay so normally when I can’t get anyone to stream my events for me I am forced to do it myself. I have an old laptop that has a Pentium 4 in it and prob not great specs. I have a Dazzle DVC100 which cost me $38 off Ebay. I can say that even with these specs I am able to get quality frame rate every time.

The quality is surprisingly good also.

Anyway, I think the problems with your stream is coming from either your settings, card, computer, something else other than the bandwidth because when I watched the Winter Brawl stream it was having the same frame rate issues.

I’m curious as to what capture card and settings you use. I saw it at Winter Brawl when I was there but didn’t really want to inspect or touch anything.

I will talk to mike about that.

Wow lol me and rob talk about the same thing the day before, we will make the up grade thanks.

I use the diamond usb vc500 capture card. I am more than sure its the lack of bandwidth as I have reviewed my streams from other monthlies and they came out smoothly. This time I wasn’t quite sure as to what happened and like I mentioned my theory was the bandwidth being eaten up by others who were playing online in the store.

Here’s an example of when the stream was running smoothly. good framerate and everything.

If this is the device you speak of…

That thing is crap :slight_smile:

I think I saw that one yesterday at the tournament :smiley:

Spoke with Eric today. Congrats to Dr. Chaos on winning the event! We’ll be awarding you with a seed at East Coast Throwdown 2 this weekend. See everyone there!

lemme get one too.

uhh…how about Josh fucking wong?

its pretty obvious its a “Black” thing

They can always fight it out.

I agree with eric. Josh and Chaos can play a set to see where they get seeded. Good stuff Josh for stepping back up. And I had to double check to see if I realy saw warrior listed as 3rd place. Gud stuff warrior I am upset I was unable to make it to see you guys in action.

I shld be at the next one so until then I will have to step up my training.