Grand Master Challenge @ Fighters i46 August 24th - 27th 2012 UK

Grand Master Challenge is proud to annouce its first official GRAND MASTER CHALLENGE. As part of the Ultimate Championship series GMC will be bringing a series of tournaments around the UK allowing old & new players a chance to claim the title of Grand Master.
Working with the UK Gaming Community the first tournament will be at the Fighters @ Insomnia 46 “The Olympian” brought in partnership by Unequalled Media. The Olympian is over 4 days and will feature 12 tournaments, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo will be ran on saturday afternoon from 4PM. Looking at the Lineup on Saturday the Olympian will also hosting Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, so theres no better day for a Super Street Fighter II X tournament to be ran. Even though the arcade cabinets will be ran on freeplay during the weekend we will have casual setups running HYPER SF2 (PS2), ST (Dreamcast) and HDRemix (XBBOX360)!!! GMC is catering for everyone!!!

Full details on ST event is at:
To book your place visit:

Any further information please post below or if your on facebook please visit the “Grandmasterchallenge” page.

Booked! Very excited about this.

Couple of questions:

  1. How many cabinets are there?
  2. When do casuals start/end?
  3. Will PS2 > Dreamcast converters be provided?

Hi thanks shoudl be a good event…

  1. We will have 2 cabinets there. They wont be head to head as advertised due to getting the tournament finsihed quickly.
  2. The cabinets are there from friday-sun they will be ran as casuals until tournament on sat then afterward. (cabinets wont be running throughout the night).
  3. Not sure of this question, why will PS2>Dreamcast convertors be needed? We are looking into some casuals maybe on PS2/DC/360 but the tournament is Arcade.

Thanks for the reply. I was asking about converters because of ‘we will have casual setups running… ST (Dreamcast)’. I wasn’t sure how packed the casuals on cabinet would be so I thought it might be worthwhile bringing a stick for consoles. I’m more comfortable using my HRAP 2 SA than my Agetec but unfortunately don’t own a converter.

We wont be providing any convertors for casual setups, currently as stand the cabinets are going to take priority in getting them to the venue, so some setups maybe left (the bulky 21" crtvs mainly). We aim to provide sticks to play for any setups running (except 360), but currently we have had to 100% focus on getting the cabinets ready.

That’s fine, I was just curious. Obviously arcade is the way to go! You saved me the trouble of carrying my stick around.

yeah unfortunately time restraints and change of plans made us have to reduce what the origianl plans were, also this is not a GMC specific event, we are helping out the guys at Unequalled Media, so we have to run around there schedule and the venues rules.
We will be at Play-Expo in manchester later in the year, we hopefully will have a more dedicated section to GMC and more casuals on as we should have more help.