Granblue Fantasy Versus Lounge - S2 Incoming 23rd September 2020 aka Derank City

Seems odd XSeed Games (who’s releasing it in NA) isn’t putting a release date on this. I’m not so sure it’s releasing the same time as the Japan release.

Anyone planning on staying up late at to watch Granblue Festa for the new stuff?

edit: got owned. Japan is 18 hours ahead of me, so the streams are live now. Gonna link them below, they’re obv in Japanese.

Stream 1:

Stream 2 (looks to be more a traditional Japanese setting with what I presume to be VAs talking):

spooky is dropping videos from the JP event on his youtube.


thanks fam, I’ll check it out a little later today.

They already announced DLC for Narmaya, Soriz, and Djeeta. I just hope my favorite Ilsa could make it.

I wonder if the training mode will be as good as SF5’s. A lot went wrong with that game but holy crap if that training mode isn’t crazy good.

You’ve seen arcsys training modes right? They are pretty good. Probably won’t have the frame advantage/hitbox stuff that some other games have though which is a shame.

The tutorials will be top notch though.

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Since XSeed and Marvelous aren’t saying SHIT about a NA release date (other than Q1 2020), I’m seriously thinking about ponying up for some JPN bucks and preordering on my Japanese PSN account.

Anyone got a good spot to get a PSN money card from JP?

playasia is generally the spot, you pay about two dollar premium per 1000 yen though.

around the time of jp releases, some of the western FGC in japan will also do psn card pickups and will post on twitter about it. They generally do it at cost for for a small tip.

I looked on playasia yesterday, and they only had two PSN cards available; the 10k yen and the 1k yen ones.

Keep me in mind about this. If I have any money left from my donations or if I’ve started earning money off my contract; I’m sure I can spare some cash for the yen needed for the digital deluxe edition.

they are streaming the release build(?). Just basics

NA release date for GBVS is supposedly out. Feb 18th, so JP gets a 12 day headstart unless you’re brave and wanting to import from the JP PlayStation store.

edit: there’s some matter of discrepancies apparently. Best Buy is showing the 6th still, while Amazon shows the 18th.


No new info from the twitterverse?

Nope, not a damn thing from XSeed. I’m about ready to say fuck it and buy from the JP PlayStation store and just lab like a fiend.

Best buy and Amazon have it listed as between the 8th and 18th.

The 18th seems more feasible

Random, maybe stupid, question:

Since this is being released through XSEED, will NA players be able to play people playing the Japanese and EU versions?

Also, when ArcSys patches the game in the future, will NA get the patch right away, or does it have to clear through XSEED?

presumably, the netplay will be region locked.

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Hmm, the regional matchmaking is one thing but if updates have to pass through XSEED, that would suck.

I think that’s what is gonna end up happening tbh. They’ll pass down from Cygames and ASW to XSeed, and then probably to Sony for QA, then to players.

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