Having a little troubling with grabbing.I don’t know the best times to grab. or counter grab:(,i get own a lot due to such. Can you guys please help me out please. Thanks in advance.


Which game?

Oh sorry about that,SSF4(AE)

Eventually as you play for a while you will learn when tech at the right times. Just a matter of reading your opponent.

lol i know its not really advice, but its how i learned… by losing countless times over and over again :confused:

You learn how to tech and when to grab differently for each person.

Every player has tendencies and if someone’s reflex is to grab a lot when close up then you have to adapt and tech. It’s a match to match thing.

Gl with your training.

Not what i was looking for but thanks anyway,"not like i know any better lol"
A friend once told me its good to grab during block string like after first 2-3 hit. Like wise to TECH. Are there any other specify times???

what? wheres the crouch tech advice people? I always tech people and its because i crouch tech.

crouch tech is when you hit grab while crouching everytime they hit you.

the tut below doesnt show him crouch teching every punch, but thats what your suppose to do.

infact im crouch teching right now, and loving it.

I’m not sure what your forum settings are but in my browser there’s a similar thread further down the first page of this forum:

The quick answer is to crouch tech (downback + throw) relentlessly until you play against someone that knows their anti-crouch tech setups, then pick and choose when to crouch tech.

AHH:) thanks guys that video and thread really helped.
LMAO @ [COLOR=#969696]Blaziner,:tup:"[/COLOR]infact im crouch teching right now, and loving it."

To be honest it seems like it’s better to grab way too much than it is to grab way too little. The more and more you play, the more you’ll start to notice the situations in which a grab would make sense, it’s just one thing you get a feel for.

whenever someone walks towards you, theres a good chance theyre thinking to throw you. if you both come down from the air, its almost always a throw, after a blocked fadc theres usually a throw too

Watch that video and learn to crouch tech. After that it’s down to player choices… some people don’t grab, some people grab from one side of the screen to the other, it’s on you to figure out someones grab mix-up game.


Primarily Magneto.

once you learn crouch tech it will become easier.

Just be sure not to be too grabby, good players will catch on fast and notice you grabbing a lot. If you can try doing some kara throws too if your character has them.

In all honesty though i’m probably gonna be the only one to say this, but I feel that SFIV series grabs are scrubby. You can grab from too far, air grabs are too godlike if someone knows how to use them right, and online good luck teching anything. I hate that I have to resort to it over and over as an option. Yadda yadda yeah i know stfu scrub whatever. I’m not losing to grabs, its just really stupid that I’m winning because of them. The distance that you can grab someone should not be applicable to any normal grabs, rather it should only be that far with grapplers (Hawk, Gief, Hakan, Abel). Whats even stupider is try grabbing someone when they do a jumping attack at you and they land, you’ll probably get them more often than not. Plus you can grab people out of moves and even out of 360 grabs. Again not taking any skill away from anyone, I just find grabs to be ridiculously stupid in this game.