Grabbing with Nova

I have a reset situation already. But the problem is that I need to get the timing down. There are some players who mash a.S on reset and I get hit while other times, there are players who do nothing, expecting a finished combo. Is there a certain time that I can grab the two without thinking whether they mash or not?

Grabs are 1-frame moves, so if you’re trying to grab them as soon as it’s possible, you should be beating out their jS.

How does the reset work?

After a magic series, call cold star while i do cent rush L. They’re up on the air a bit so I back up. Then I jump forward and go for grab. The backing up is to try and catch both people who recover forward or backward

EDIT: I’ve also tested this on a CPU set to mash L. It seems that I need to delay my jump for the grab. Though, I can’t say the same for those who mash S, I may be jumping into the a.S

Sounds like a very strong set-up. Do you think something like this could also work for nova with as assist such as jam session? I’ve been trying to work on my incoming set-ups with nova.

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