Gouki (Akuma) Thread

Gouki (Akuma)

I’ve been maining Gouki since Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. I love the character, so I thought I’d handle this thread.

He isn’t exactly confirmed. But he has been rumored to be in the game as a unlock-able character.
It’s also rumored that you can pay to unlock him without go threw the requirements.
As seen in the “Rumor: Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Leak” on the front page.

“X Unlocker – $4.99, Unlocks two secret characters, Akuma and Ogre, as well as all additional character colors and special modes without having to perform the in-game tasks to unlock them.”

There is no confirmed moveset for the character yet. But, I figure it would go something like this.

Fireball (Gohadouken)

Air Fireball (Zankuu Hadouken)

Red Fireball (Shakunetsu Hadouken)

Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku)

Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)

Teleport (Ashura Senkuu)

Super — Raging Demon


Just wanted to post before you got locked.


Generally character threads are not created until a character is officially revealed. I could be wrong but I am very sure a rumored DLC list does not cut it. You will probably want to try again if/when this thread gets locked as soon as he has been in a reveal trailer.

Just wait till he’s announced officially and you can remake it if you’re not beaten to the punch. Good luck.

Ah, My mistake. If need be I’ll recreate the thread when there’s a reveal trailer. If I’m told to take down the thread I will.

As people have said, just wait till he gets officially announced.