Gouken's Daughter

I know this may be an old topic of dicussion, but does anybody know where to find pics of her, if there ARE any?

Doesn’t she only appear in the dreaded Malibu comic? Although Fuka from Street Fighter Alpha Geberations may have been Gouken’s daughter. Those two aside I can think of no reason for any existing Capcom art to support the Canon.

She doesn’t even appear in the Malibu comic, and she only exists as a brief mention in an old Japanese SF sourcebook, and a few sketches.

Of which Johnny Crimson said he had seen on an unidentified website long ago. Rats!!!:sad:

Oh yes sorry my bad. It was Sheng Long’s daughter… Or grandaughter.

The Malibu comic had Sheng Long actually appear? Moreover it had his child or grandchild appear as well? I never would’ve guessed for them to go that far into Ryu’s background judging from the first issue.

The back-story wasn’t deep nor was it even slightly correct. Sheng Long is the Chinese translation for Shoryuken, and Capcom USA screwed up some confirmation making people believe Sheng Long was Ryu’s master. It’s all bull and Gouken was Ryu’s master. Never ever compliment the Malibu comic.

Oh I’m not complimenting it. Not after reading an online summary about how the other two issues were, not to mention the first one’s the setup for the twistedness to come. Anyway according to this summary yes Sheng Long appeared really briefly and poorly telling Ryu and Ken not use weapons other than their own bodies, and then the summary went on to talk about the Shadoloo nurse named Nida who was poisoning Sheng Long to keep him from interfering with Bison’s schemes or whatnot. No daughter or granddaughter mentioned. Eeek, Malibu makes the Hong Kong comics look slightly sane, sans the SFZ2 series which did follow canon more or less.

What’s really amusing about Capcom USA saying Sheng Long instead of shoryuken in Ryu’s quote is that for SF2:WW no kanji was used in the entire game; everything was in simple hiragana letters saying sho-ryu-ken showing you the correct pronunication syllable by syllable, and still Capcom USA read it as sheng-long. Retarded.

Remember though that Gouken wasn’t always Ryu’s master, just once SSF2X came out.

The only online image of her, scanned by vasili10 some time ago.

See Makoto’s sketch in the lower left. It miiiiiight have been based on one of Ojou-san’s 2 sketch renditions from Capcom. Can’t guarantee that.

Japanese fan artist Ataru’s rendition of Gouken’s daughter. Based on Capcom’s second sketch of her, the one that none of us can get a hold of…


The rest of Ataru’s drawings.


Sano… thank you so much for finally letting my wish of seeing official art of Makoto in her underwear come true! :lol:

Rather the one low center, with short hair like Vice, white gi. The lower left I have no idea, might’ve been an early Sakura or Ryu’s sister, looks pretty cool nonetheless.

The rest of the SF3 sketches since a few people asked me about it.

Three more I have of Karin, Cody, and R.Mika when they where new characters for SFZ3. As you probably know in the Arcade version of SFZ3, Juni and Juli were swaps for Vega(M.Bison in the US) so that’s probably why sketches of them were not featured. Sadly photobucket reduced my Karin image to being microscopic since back when I scanned it it wasn’t for the net, didn’t matter. So below Karin’s image I just split it in two so it could meet photobucket standards since that’s easier than rescanning…

These are all from Gamest Magazine which went out of business, came back as Arcadia Magazine now. Arcadia still has sketches like this for New Arcade games every month, sadly it’s hardly ever about 2D Fighters nowadays, course there aren’t that many 2D Fighters made nowadays like back in the 90s.

Hmm… I kinda wish they had kept that rubber-band-arm kick thing that they have sketched out for Twelve there. The variant of his j.HK is interesting, but a bit too odd-looking to actually be worth using, IMO.

So this is the closest to the real thing?

As far as the only person who has seen the second sketch of Gouken’s Daughter (that has spoken to us anyway) Saiki says, yeah. Read the SF Plot Guide in my sig for information on her two designs. It’s under the Akuma section.

From his first email ever to me, Tiamat said that Saiki suspects the sketch is her, but can’t be sure due to Ataru never labeling his art. I assumed once that the pic was based off her second look because of the white gi, but given the descriptions provided in the guide, Ataru’s work should be best described as a hybrid of the two official looks, heck more like version 1 after seeing her “Yuri” look from the Fanbook. Same hair in both.

Good things may come to those who wait a few more weeks however…:wow:
Scratch that, make it a few more days, hehe.:woot: :rock: :bgrin:

Iam very interested on Ojou-san. Ever since Vasili10 mentioned it to me way back in the Capcom forums.

First time to see her art in the manga version as mentioned in the SF plot guide and yes one Makoto’s first sketches looks similar to her second look. Pretty much Ryu’s red headband storyline was rectoned.


Personally I like this one.

Vasili10 pointed out before that fan artist Ataru (who apparently read SRK, WHOA…) actually said that I (and by extension Saiki, but he read one of my posts on it) was wrong and the fan art he did of the girl was not Ojou-san. Well that old link I tossed up no longer works either way since Ataru’s site moved. I have the new address lying around somewhere if someone wants to see it. He hasn’t added any new sketches to his sketches section though.

Oh and Gouken’s daughter is in a comic now. A fan made one that vasili10 supervises in the online Street Fighter Magazine. Check it out. :smile:

I’ve read somewhere that the Street Fighter 4 team is considering of doing another game in the lines of how the SF3 series was done & they are going to put Gouken’s daughter in the game.That would be tight if it happens.