Hi Guys,

Not sure what happened when I tried posting this before, but the thread is nowhere to be found. :frowning:

I’ve posted here before a while back, but not much. Still relatively new to this forum.

I got this game on Sunday and have been playing it since. One HUGE major letdown for me is the absence of Gouken, since he was one of my main characters in SSF4! WTH?! Anybody know if he will be added to the game? Also, how do you unlock those 2 characters on the character select screen that are sort of dimmed out and non-selectable?

The guys online are pretty cheesy with the constant juggling. It’s ridiculous! I’m getting caught and juggled without even landing, while they switch up their characters and continue the juggling! If I can’t land, then I can’t block or counter! WTF?! I’m having trouble doing the Cross Cancel. I just can’t seem to get that down. All help would be appreciated. I’m getting absolutely MURDERED online! :frowning:

Its called practice.

You the same dude who did the plinking tutorial on youtube?

Well, getting caught in juggles etc. is match experience. This will come in time. Just keep at it.

Regarding your own combo’s, go to training mode and learn then untill you can pretty much do them without looking. Just from the muscle memory in your mind. Then to get them to work in match situations you could turn on the AI in training mode to practise them on moving targets so to say. It is not ideal but it is something.

Say your combo starts with a jump in and he blocks that jump in 3 times, you can learn to hit confirm that combo. Also, when that 4th jump in does land you don’t flinch when you train it like this. This is what often happens with me when I get a new combo down. I am so focussed on getting that first hit in that I completely botch the combo afterwards.

And with time it gets better. Right now I can just learn the basic combo’s, practise it on a moving target for 5 minutes and use it in matches right away. But I also had that stage that I think you are in now. And my solution was as I said above.

Nah, thats not me.

Also, this isnt SF4. Do the tutorial and practice.

These are just two of the threads you could have posted this in. No need to make a new thread for this.