Gouken hitboxes incoming

View Gouken normal hitboxes frame by frame. http://decapre.com/watch?v=h0VYtGxSejY


keep 'em coming!!!

Where can I acquire this software for myself? I’d definitely like to see the hitboxes present in real-time while playing in Training Mode to get a much better understanding of them!

Good good!

specials or go home!..jk

There was a box viewer on PC before the steamworks transition, but it hasn’t been updated so far.

I guess the USF4 version will be at http://frametrapped.com/ whenever they release it.

View Gouken special hitboxes frame by frame. http://decapre.com/watch?v=O_KvlG4gpSk


That’s whatsup, I have yet to get a PC copy yet.

View Gouken Kongoshin hitboxes frame by frame. http://decapre.com/watch?v=I0BCMhOAv-4