Gouken Frustration Thread, Go ahead let it out!

Due to many complaints surrounding Gouken and the SF4 gameplay, I think that it is wise to have an outlet for any issues you may have with the Old Man… And who knows maybe you’ll find some help and most importantly please forward all future complaints about Gouken here.

I will start-

What the fuck is up with Cr. FP > Tatsu and Cr. FP > HP Palm Strike on crouching opponents??? These joints are character specific LOL. For ex. cr. FP > HP Palm Strike doesn’t work on a crouching Balrog, but Cr. FP > LP and MP Palm Strike does. That shit is soooo… :annoy:

I actually notice a lot of situations that result in the HP not connecting on time, so I end to limit that one to LP Senkugo, typically when I get it though I pretty much always have a bar around and EX makes that all moot^^

I wish EX Senkugo Dash HK Tatsu was on all characters, but only a limited immune to it is pretty nice actually. HP Senkugo instead is a nice guaranteed connection.

One real gripe I have is Tatsu’s corner recovery even when you get the last hit. I’m lucky a lot of online opponents don’t realise/forget to tech the tatsu knockdown, but I know that gets me in trouble vs proper opponents and it’s a pity.

Other than that I really enjoy playing the old geezer, Hyakkishu having it’s non ex ones sped up a bit would be nice and maybe having kongo no longer whiff stuff like rainbow balls that land on top(still love kongoing the rainbows that due to spacing hit the front though XD) or EX Headstomp, but those are minor to me.

I’m fine with most things as gouken is unique despite being master of ryu and ken :lol:

The only problem I have is tatsu. If opponent is really far away, you only connect the first hit and seems to whiff the rest of the hits w/ HK. Heavy punishment =[, and with recovery too, as Souchan already mentioned.

A mumble, rather than gripe, would be on kongoshin. I sometimes forget and kongoshin blanka’s baited super/ultra from pretty far away and I get counter hit by them after absorbing one hit, and they hurt. More kongo problems that I’m not going to mention, but this would be a problem on me, rather than on gouken.

Low fierce xx EX Palm not comboing if the distance isn’t perfect (despite the low fierce hitting close enough to allow the cancel) and reversal jab palm randomly hitting or whiffing blocked Blanka balls.

Aye, blanka ball not be able to get punished by a reversal medium palm sucks. Also blanka’s double knee hit (upclose) kills the kongo which is truly annoying.

When EX Palm Strike whiffs the last hit :wasted:

Actually I totally second that one, doesn’t happen in combos often, but sneaking it through a fireball only to open myself up instead of otherwise is saddening :frowning:

that only happens if you use ex palm outside of a combo.

I hate air parry. It’s way too tempting to use for how flimsy it is.

I also despise EX hurricane. Tatsus can be frustrating in general, diffcult to FADC into ultra, terrible recovery, people falling out of it, sucks in the corner, move overlap BS, yada yada… But EX I especially hate because people just seems to fall out for no reason sometimes. It’s hard enough to land as it is, with the overlapping motions and people easily crouching it and whatnot… but to just bounce out after a bunch of hits near the end? WTF! I hit with it upclose, YEAH! Oh wait NO! They still fall out, quick recover, and I eat a fucking JUMP-IN COMBO because the POS move is also -97 on block.

argh. :stuck_out_tongue:

tatsu > FADC > ultra would be so, so deadly if it worked as well as the other characters’ setups

Why deadly? Because you can catch most characters from a ridiculously far distance with the first hit from the HK tatsu.

Cons: Ultra whiffs too easily and the opponent cannot be crouching. I’ve managed to do it in a real match but the insane timing makes the risk-to-reward ratio not worth it.

I hate trying to anti air with a tatsu and getting a counter instead. Gotta remember to be neutral.

I myself love EX hurricane, I found it’s best use is punishing rush type moves(except balrogs hyper armour ones). I love catching EX Blanka Balls, EX Honda Headbutts, EX Fei Long Chicken Wings, or even Abels EX wheel Kick. Also occasionally randoming it on wakeup is hilarious, but ofcourse must never be then if the opponent proves he likes crouch wakeup moves or waits a lot. The more agressive the better :smiley:

It does have the falling out a lot when used the same as HK tatsu though, which is a pity, but I still wubs it <3

I’m with you on this one, I dedicated an entire thread to it too… http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=217748too Even with the minor glitches it still has to be one of the best moves on the game, gotta love the invincibility at start up, still wish it hat armor break though. Against Balrog I have been able to cr. lp then EX HK to get past the Armor Break.

I also hate when Counter whiffs! I played a Ryu the other day and he kicked right through the shit … WTF???

Also, CAPCOM what the hell is up with the frame data??? Most of his normals are safe on block but at the same time they don’t give you significant frame advantage to walk up and grab as good as Ryu, Akuma, Viper, El Feurte OMG … damn near every body else lol. Geez, the guy doesn’t have any links for Christ Sake. Even though I love Gouken cr. lp strings can get annoying at times, esp. seeing every one else chip the shit out of you, hit confirm, and combo into a special move / ultra. And to add to that a 4 frame jab!!! I’ve had to study frame data like hell to learn to win with this guy!!!

After playing with Gouken, do you think the rest of the cast is kinda cheap because they can manage to get close and just lp string >hit confirm their way to a combo / special??? Ken/Ryu/Cammy/Akuma/Bison/Rog is notorius for this shit, but I still own that ass!!

Say what you want, it takes SKILL to be competitive with Gouken. BTW has anybody really took a good look at C. Vipers Frame Data??? WOW

Use SP Palm instead for any version of Blanka Ball, it has worked for me ever since I have started using it. Obviously, just block high.

SP Palm?

Your best bet here is to just play it safe and throw a lp Hadoken to knock him out of it (Blanka just wasted his Super/Ultra and you are good to go) only go for the Counter at point blank Range. The crazy thing is it hits Low, High, High, then Low the rest of the way out so you have to judge if you will be hit low first or if you need to Kongo High if he is out of range for the First Low hit to register. Beware of kongoing from FAR away, as he can hold it a few seconds, wait for you to attempt to Kongo and release if you whiff. This is why I say from distance just FB him out of it.

I’m happy with gouken. wish he walked faster though.

some nicer blocks strings would help.

I’ll be a couple frames off and get MASS SRK’d more than with other shotos, (duh)

Thanks a ton for the tip. Btw, even if I time kongo right from far away, it still hits me and shows me counter (P, K, EX :wtf:), and I think that the roll atk after the ground pounding is rly fast like gief’s EX green hands or dic’s EX devil reverse (Learned it the hard way). So I guess I’ll need to be less aggressive on that one.

Yeah, been working great in G1 Blanka, you get them with the tip of your hand, it looks like it won’t hit them, but it does. But you must do it fast, if not you will miss, this goes the same for MP ver.

Weird. You sure it wasn’t because they did not block on reaction? I can’t get it in training mode

edit: it works if he blanka balls you from up close