Gouken AE guide translation

So, if you like this, hit like please :wink: I owe my wife and her friend big time for doing this for me :wink: Much credit to Gilley for supplying me with the original text from the Japanese guide.

What follows is a list of the moves, the literal translation made by my wife and her friend, and my interpretation of what they translated. If you guys think anything should be changed, say so.

I removed the cut and paste from the post until someone can tell me a clean way to post it. I’ll provide a download link at the bottom.

http://www.sendspace.com/file/ieqq2d <-updated

very good. now just have to wait for the game to release = /

Notes updated, and while I appreciate the effort, someone’s going to have to put this into a more “SF4/English” terminology

Anyone who can read japanese and knows SF terms, please help. I wont have time to sort through all this until next week.

I’ll work on it some more at work today. Some of this stuff I’ve never seen in a wiki. I know what they mean by “blown away effect” but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it described as a specific term.

gilley, you might wanna scan and link page 136, since its the guide to read frame data(terminology etc).

people who try to translate the frame data alone wont understand a lot of stuff in the notes section without it.

Is there a way to make tables on this forum?

EDIT: AB effect is Armor Break

Gilley, I put most of it into SF english if you look at the last column in the excel spreadsheet.

AB effect = Armor Break (which they don’t have listed for EX Tatsu even though it has it)
They don’t really differentiate between airborne hit animations and the neck snapped 360’s across the screen. I’ve never even seen that difference in English. They use “Blown away effect” for anything that causes the opponent to land on their ass in a techable state. I don’t think that needs to be translated into the wiki as I have never seen that in the wiki before.

The FA stuff is is FA stuff.

Yeah, I just went back and added the pursuit property and float states in.

It’s pretty much done. I’m not going to try to describe that EX palm first hit forces stand on grounded opponent but causes the soft knockdown on airborne opponent. It’s in that guide, but I mean, does that need to be added? EX palm second hit causes a float/juggle state. That is all that really needs to be said about the hits of EX Palm and that both hits are FADCable.

I updated most of it.

Anyone know if there is a neat way to post it?

I’m so behind the technology. I still use Excel 2003 lol

O yea, I don’t see them mentioning upper body strike invincibility during the start-up of Tatsu. Did they nerf that?

EDIT: Found compatibility pack. Darn I suck lol.

Anyways, here are some notes.

(Fly) until continuing ends (leg area only) -> Legs invincible to projectiles until active frames end
(Fly) until just before occuring (leg area only) -> Legs invincible to projectiles during start-up

(a) -> armour

I don’t think they have to be mentioned in wiki however.

Counter activated: 7~21f full invincibility
Denjin lvl1: 1~12f strike invincibility

I think Reipin did a flawless job rewording the rest.

EDIT2: Forgot this important info.
Close HK is +4 on hit against crouchers.