Gouken (AE) block strings

Fellow Goukens,

These are the ones that I do but I’m sure you guys have some more:-
[]cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx LP/MP Gohadouken
]cr.LP, cr.LP, st.LP, cr.MP xx LP/MPGohadouken
[]cr.LP, st.cl.MP, cr.HP xx LP/MPGohadouken
]cr.LP, st.LK, st.MP
[]cr.LP, st.cl.HK
]cr.LP, cr.LP, st.HP
I’m not sure if they are all true block strings, please give me some feedback.

The “true” blockstring ends where you switch from chainable lights to other buttons.

I prefer the following:
CR.LP - CR. LP - F.LK | CR.MP x | LHADO or in Sweep after F.LK

After the first two lights on block I also sometimes go for F.MP (5fr gap) as on counterhit the F.MP links in Sweep. Some may also fall for two lights on block in KONGO as crouch tech punish (LP) or jab mash punish (MP) - if you can read your opp.

F. = Far attack
… and F.LK makes slightly more DMG than a CR.LP

mmmm I think I don’t use Kongoshin enough to stuff DPs.

Is it just me, some DPs get Armor Break properties even though they are not?

As wakeup Reversal maybe (e.g. Ryu, Ken, Cammy).

Hm, I do not use it to stuff srk. Way to risky after block stun, reset or wake up as special are focus break on first frame after certain situation… I only use it if i can predict a croucht tech (e.g. after blocked lights or blocked close MP), or jab mash or mid range low poke like Ryus Cr.MK.

Ahhhhhh cheers for your explanation, now I need to be careful. I’m one Focus-Attack fisher…

I don`t use any light attack blockstring anymore, LP does 20 dmg, and LK 40. I find them not worthy.

If I am that close I rather use these options: (best on first)

1- Crouching.MP (70 dmg) , LP gohadoken (50 dmg only combos in counter) after that I got some options to push them more or deal some damage:
a- S.HK
b- MP gohadoken (if they gonna jump) (risky)
c- LP gohadoken (risky)
" the Cr.Mp, LP gohadoken is enough to push them away and starting zoning even is if not a counter hit"

2- S.MK (close 3 frames), LP palm (this push them away)

3- S.MK (close 3 frames), LP gohadouken, Cr.MP, LP gohadouken.

thanks guys ive been looking for true block strings with og gouken

Everyone should be starting a block string with cl.mp as it is +4 on block and if it hits you can combo.

You can do jump in cl.mp > cr.lp > st.lk > cr.mp xx fireball for way more meter

If you do a jump in and do cl.mp and it hits you can do cr.lp xx lp palm for a combo on some or do cr.mp xx tatsu on others so long as they are standing.

Either way you should be able to combo off a hit-confirm with your jump in then cl.mp no matter what with at least cl.mp > cr.hk.

If you hit the cl.mp, then cr.fp xx lp. hado FADC cr.fp xx EX Palm, big damage and stun.

The trouble is that cl.MP can be punished by DPs. Sometimes I get scared doing blockstrings against the 3-4 framers. Also grapplers too.

I find cl.MP, F.MP, Sweep works a treat! Countehit is lovely on F.MP :). Knockdown!

cl.mp cannot be punished by a dp, on bock or hit.

I think he means before it even comes out. I have this issue sometimes where they block a divekick or dj.mk and before the follow up cl.mp hits, I’m getting reversaled or thrown. I am pretty sure this is either A) I hit them too high or B) I am not hitting mp soon enough or C) online lag hates Gouken.

If you are getting DPed between a jump in to cl.st.mp your only option is to jump in attack properly, realize when you do not have enough block stun on an attack and block, or use cr.lp, cl.st.lp, cr.mk, or cl.st.mk

That’s what I meant dude. Sorry not Punish but reversaled! Wrong terminology.

Forgotten about cl.st.MK! 3-frame normal!