Gotta go

So I’m going home to my parents for the weekend and I wanted to load up my laptop with some FG’s to keep me occupied at night. My parents are old school… No internet and no cable. My spec’s are:

Intel T7300 2.0ghz dual
Kingston 4gigs @ 800mhz
Nvidia Quadro NVS 140m
WD 120gb HDD



just hop on ggpo

What part of no internet did you not understand

Forgive my ignorance but dont I need a connection to use GGPO?

Edit:I feel better now

GGPO requires you to connect to someones unconscious mind. This is where true mind games occur.

doesnt mean he cant play the games on there offline

^ better to use Mame then. Bigger library and better interface imo

ok cya later

lmfao this thread is best :lol:

load up mame with a bunch of fighters, beatemups, and shmups and go crazy.

that or load up some old school rpgs for the genesis/snes. a long one like final fantasy or phantasy star would probably occupy the whole weekend alone.

but if you want fighters only, some less-popular ones that i like are touki denshou, jojo’s bizarre adventure, matrimelee, last blade 2.

Thanks guys. I havent tried yet but i’m pretty sure I wont beable to run SFIV will I? Has anyone tried with spec equal or lower? I was looking at Vangard Princess also I havent gotten a chance to play it yet. What are you guy’s thoughts on that game?

Your avatar is a Sakura panty flash so I’m pretty sure VP will be right up your alley.

This thread wins.

maybe you should try reading more of it. he wanted fgs, i suggested him to look at the ggpo games

Dont worry about it dude. Your helping me more than “this thread wins” posts

Well then your still wrong since ggpo is an online client that uses the Final Burn Emulator to run ROMs.

And yea just use MAME and throw your favorite stuff on there. MAME is nice.

Don’t get mad at us for wording shit wrong.

peace out my nigga

read a book rather than playing single player fighting games imo.

Fixed. Though wait a minute… aw shit, no never mind… That’s not a GGPO game…