Got new sanwa sw-68 microswitches, still feels muddy?

I bought a used TE and the buttons were worn, could hear the spring in the switches when pressed so I thought getting new microswitches and washing the plastics real good with warm soapy water would do the trick. They still don’t feel like my friend’s sanwa buttons though. Why?

The plastic body of the switch is worn, or you don’t have real Sanwas.
you might be better off completely replacing the button if this is the case.

I would just replace the whole button fresh. Some Madcatz come with non-Sanwa parts (not common, but it happens), but most likely your buttons are just worn to shit on both the case and switch side.

Well at this point might as well get Seimitsu G/GN/KN series of buttons. SW-68 based buttons are always going to be mushy shit.

I was actually considering seimitsu but the ps 14 k because I would be able to put sanwa switches in them incase i didn’t like the feel. Would they feel like sanwa though? I think the plungers are slightly taller.

I ordered art from arts hobbies and I think he says the cut for the button artwork is the same diameter for both sanwa and seimitsu. So it sounds like there’s a chance I can replace the tops of seimitsu buttons with sanwa ones? I don’t want to just assume though. These parts add up real quickly… x.x

Getting new buttons was actually something I was considering. But I’m looking for clears.

Not sure about Ks, but with Ps SW68s work fine, but the plunger is a little loose.

Any Seimitsu with a PS-14-G switch will not work with Sanwa plungers, you can’t just swap them in. They feel different, that’s all I can say. They don’t feel mushy, but they’re still soft as you press the button down.

it might be my imagination, but some people over at neogaf agree… the plastic’s color changes how they feel and sound.

i know without doubt that black and dark hai’s feel a bit more muffled than say, red, yellow or orange sanwas.

crazy yeah, but i just wanna know if others notice this.

I haven’t really noticed, but they could be using different plastics. Clears are also more brittle especially in the Sanwa line so they will probably have a higher pitched sound to them than softer, more durable plastic like nylon.

Actually hibachifinal on to something.

Different plastic dyes effects how plastic cools once they are poured into molds. Certain colors will make the plastic shrink, so you would have nonuniform pieces, to adjust for this you adjust your molds, give certain colors more material so that every button regardless of color is all the same unified shape and size. This unfortunately changed the weight and density of the plastic.

Yeah, but are they also using different plastics for opaque vs transparent? I know transparent is more brittle because transparent, but if there is different plastics used as well that could also change how things sound and feel.

I for sure noticed a difference between iL opaque and transparent buttons, they feel different even to the touch. Sound they’re they same because of how they’re designed, they don’t really slap against their own parts like Japanese buttons do.

Yes. Transparent plastic requires different additives than opaque, the side effect is that makes ABS plastic brittle.

I notice that transparent nylon isn’t as brittle. Wish the buttons were made out of delrin or nylon. Nylon iL buttons always feel so slick and awesome, even their transparent ones are nylon. Try melting those with acetone, shit won’t work!