Got my first fight stick

i got the TvC stick by madcatz, i really love it yet still find certain inputs hard. dragon punch mainly, especially while facing left for some reason.

anyone got advice on the execution of dragon punch?

It’s all about practicing man. My bro got himself a stick last summer and is still getting used to it! Just keep practicing with the fightstick, and NEVER give in to using a controller again! ;D

I’m a stick noob myself and one thing I know that helped me with my dp motions was to sort of go forward first and then bring the stick back to neutral, down and down forward in a short “C” motion. I just kept working that over and over until they became more consistent…and they pretty much will be as long as you remember to do that “C” with the stick.

Experiment with different grips/ways to hold the stick…makes a huge difference.

For a DP, just imagine making a “Z” motion with the stick. Simplest way to think of it.

Well, if you’re playing any of the Street Fighter IV games you can cheat Dragon Punches by just hitting diagonal forward twice followed by Punch. It’s the shortcut for DPs, makes it easier to do on a pad. I’m not sure if Capcom has the same for TvC Dragon Punch motions…

yeah i mainly use it for guilty gear, TvC is ok but guilty gear is so much better imo.

i seem to have gotten DP’s down from the right but when facing left i cant to it at all, so strange, why?

It takes time to get used to using a stick i changed my grip after watching a video on you tube that helped me a lot

just stick with it (excuse the pun)

pm sent

Might want to consider just sliding your grip a bit when you change sides, facing right I go quite wine glass then facing left it slides to being a bit more fingers and thumb.

ah i pretty much always use the ‘wine glass’, i’ll try the ones in the link CI581 gave me.

That’s what I did, I had my wife hide my dualshock3 to not give into the pad… lol…true story.

All it is is practice, hand placement and stick grip. Mostly practice though haha. Just find whatever is a most comfortable hand position for you and then take that into training to try to get your motions down. Using a stick is a pain at first but eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

Have you tried using different gates?
Square, Octogon, Circle?

sory but what do you mean by gates?

Restrictor plates; they determine the range of motion of the stick. A square gate is the norm (and also the easiest to do 623 motions on IMO), but there also exist octagonal and round ones.


oh is this what it means my 4 way and 8 way stick yeah? because mine is a 4 way stick.

from the P1 side i can do them as good as i could on a pad now, but on the P2 side it still says i am doing 626 rather than 623.

It’s a square gate, yes, but that’s still 8-way. Keep at it, and you’ll get it soon enough. That or play a character that doesn’t use DP motions and avoid the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, play dee jay, I’m not biased =D

He’s playing Guilty Gear, I think, so Venom / May / Testament / Faust / Millia / Eddie / Slayer / I-no. Narrowing that list down, I-No, Venom, Millia and Eddie are pretty execution intensive even for GG standards; can’t say I’d recommend them to a beginner. That leaves May, Testament, Faust, and Slayer.