Got Evo vids? Hosting available

Per inkblot:

You can post casual matches and pool matches from Friday. Semi-final matches and of course final matches are not allowed.

So: I believe MrJamie has a got a bunch of web space, and I’ve got a gig of space to work with on the local Internet backbone (which means no download limits, fast download speeds). If you’ve got money matches, pool matches, whatever, encode 'em and pass them off to somebody. You can reach me here or on AIM or Messenger as “zachdms” if you’d like me to host 'em for you. :slight_smile:

Guess my webspace is going to be in full effect for this. :slight_smile:

What’s this “ode to the 2-hit combo” i keep hearing about? will the online community be able to see it?

yea i also wanna see that soo vs jwong vid everyone is talking about

i got 2 hours worth of matches, so i guess ill be seeing u alot online.

also, when u see encode them, do u mean make em .mpeg and divide the games up? or can i send the full 2 hours in 1 big block?

Nice. Either way - I’ll cut it up for you if you want me to, or we can leave it as one big chunk (like the casual BC/WA CvS2 footage I have up at now), whatever. :slight_smile:

Same here. Is that going to be released?

soo vs. wong = fun

Need webspace?
Holla over here.

i have it, but i dunno if im allowed to post it

only 3 cameras were on this hot shit

ps, anyone know the japanese marvel players name? he had red hair

I believe Takayuki and Chikyuu were the only Marvel players from Japan this year… Taka is about 17 and plays Team Row or MSP usually, Chikyuu is the low tier fiend. Are you thinking of Chikyuu?

Takayuki was the one with the red hair.

Who was that skinny asian guy with the glasses who recorded most of the matches in the casual room when RF and Kindebu were playing cvs2? He was playing Hold’em in my room until 5 AM the previous night.
He recorded most of my matches with Kindebu and I was hoping to see them. They were really close matches.

anymore casual vids up? i only have that taiji vs isaac one

test host…

me vs hawaiian ryan

right click, save as please

please tell me how fast it took u to dl it

4 minutes

less than 1 minute

I love my webspace. :slight_smile:

Ive got quite a few match vids from my hotel room that i recorded with my vcr. A lot of soo playing random heads and some of takayuki as well. Ive also got about 3 or 4 matches of soo vs takayuki. What would be the best encoder for me to use? ive got a shitty capture card though, makes the video and audio be off sequence slightly. Any way to get around this? i swear its like watching an old godzilla movie.

I think Isaac and I both use Windows Movie Maker, somebody uses “Studio 8”, not sure about other tools people use.

If it’s jittered during playback (skew during capture is more often the case) and you’ve got the latest drivers for your capture card, then you’re probably out of luck on the playback side. I’m unaware of skew-correction tools on the encode side, but VirtualDub may support something like this, or you can ignore, or you can substitute your own music soundtrack instead of the skewed audio track that was captured.

Takayuki is actually up here (Seattle) through the weekend - if anybody gets me footage soon, I can probably make sure he gets a copy of it. :slight_smile: