Google+ Category List

As you may or may not know. Google+ is the next social network. If you wish to get an invitation. Please visit this thread. This topic is NOT meant for an invitation. However, this topic is to post your link and what game you’re into. That way, someone can add you and you can add them to the circle to make it easier.

I’ll be editing the thread and update it as I can.

Please post in this format.

Link to your Google+

This format will make it simple to add people within the circle. Wanna advertise within the Marvel vs Capcom 3? Mortal Kombat? Etc…Just do it this way and have a huge circle.

Google +:
Game(s): Marvel vs Capcom 2, Marvel vs Capcom 3, 3rd Strike, Super Street Fighter IV AE, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, Battle Field.
System: Playstation 3

Games: MVC2, SoR2, LBP, X-Men:Arcade, MW2, BLUR,
System: PS3

Games: MVC2, SoR2, LBP, X-Men:Arcade, MW2, BLUR,
System: PS3

I have accepted your request and added you to certain gaming groups to make it easier.

If that’s the case. You have no hate towards me then.

I think he does have hate for you … just not the words to describe it.

what is this fucking shit.

This is why we can’t have nice things

I wasn’t really too enthused on google+ before, but the opportunity to add random people from SRK that I don’t know and don’t give a shit about really does entice me. I’m in.

Games: SF4:AE, MvC3, MK9
System: Xbox, PS3

Games: MvC2, HDR, AE
System: PS3

Games: MK, AE, WWE All Stars, Madden (maybe)
System: XBox 360

Your G+ link links to me… because you copy/pasted my post.

I f’d that up…sorry dude. I will fix the whole thing. Edit your last post and take that link out please.

Yo man at this rate I will have no where to hide on the internet. Then again I do put myself out there anyway, but having all my shit linked is crazy.

G+ =
Games: SSF4:AE, Transformers: WFC
System: PS3

I have added most of you guys. Those who I haven’t added is because your link doesn’t work.

Games: ssf4 ae, mvc2, tekken 6, blops, most psn titles
system: ps3
psn id “UrCreditScore”
Games: MvC3, HDR (thats it for fighters)
system: xbox360

Games: SSFIV, MvC3, 3SOE (y’all know I’mma be all over that when it comes out), VSav (once I update my GGPO)
System: PS3, PC

haha classic

Well this was short lived…