well guys…i quit gfx…so i basically have no point as srk anymore…so im leaving…if was fun here, and nice looking at everybodys work…thanx AD for the inspiration for doing gfx…but the talent wasnt there for me:bluu:
thanx to all the peeps that were cool and had a good time:p

dreaded fist

if i missed somebody…sorry

lata peeps

…dude you’re joking right? shmack Don’t leave because YOU THINK you suck. I personally don’t think you do. I believe you have MAJOR potential. Better than anyone else i’ve known in your shoes. Also, Consider your age bro. Most of us are 16 and older. When I was around 14-15…I thought about quitting…But then I saw that what i was capable of doing in the past…and the motivation from my friends…like Kairi, Bloodia…ect…ect… So don’t quit bro. You’re too damn good for this

no i dont…i have spent to much time in pshop…and i dont have fun with it anymore…so i quit

I think every form of artist goes through this stage.

That’s how I was with breaking, and that’s how I am with music. For the former I just kept going and I’m sure as hell glad I did. I’m sure my feelings will be the same with music.

Your work is dope and It’ll suck to see you go. But I it’s your decision of course.

chill out tetsu. stay man! your one cool, fast learning designer.

why would you quit, how do you suxz, wut proof do you have

-just wondering isnt the reason why you came to this site cuz of fightin games, so why you leavin? :lol:

quitting will get u nowhere in life

and i wouldnt miss u if u did quit