Good XBL G1 abel looking for a master to learn from

hi im a good XBL G1 abel an i rely love playin him. I have only ever lost to two other abels online in any championship and need someone who is better to help me step up my gme. If u are an abel master please reply an we can get some games strted.

Gamertag: corbyn2

I’d like to play you.

Add me on live and I’ll invite.

I believe I have a good Abel.

Step it up, man. Add me on XBL
If my Abel isn’t enough, you can definitely try my Gen.

Curious to see how we’d fare against each other.

GT: dylansenta

out of curiosity why do you guys want to play mirror matches all day? it’s dumb as hell.

a mirror match is a matchup like any other. A crappy one, but a matchup nonetheless
OP I could play you as well, send an inv if you are interested. you could get some decent Cammy practice against me too

At least Abel MM’s are interesting with the mix-ups and all. Balrog MM’s on the other hand… They’re so boring that I counter pick myself and choose Abel if the person chooses Balrog first.

Yeah I used to hate the Abel mirror, but it’s actually fine. I still think you’d learn more from playing other chars vs Abel.

first comment is now misleading. i hav lost to more abels now as i hav met ppl better than me. i luv to lose as it makes me a better player. I CHALLENGE ALL ABELS. MAKE ME LOSE!!