Good teams for Trish?

I want to use Trish as a battery but I’m scrub’n bubbles so who would be good to use with Trish?

“Scrub’n bubbles” is a moronic way of saying scrub if you didn’t understand.:wtf:

I am running Wesker/Trish/Doom.

Wesker brings his awesome OTG assist that Trish benefits from. Doom has a pretty sick j.M after his airdash that hits multiple times, so setting up unblockables with it is viable too.

I like both Trish’s beam and Peekaboo assist. Right now I’m feeling like I move around with Wesker too much to make use of her trap, because a lot of the time me and my opponent just end up far away from it. I’m sure you could do some mean set ups with it, but I haven’t done much with that idea. Low Voltage is better for me right now. Both Doom and Wesker benefit from a beam assist and it is just easier to be effective with for me at the moment. I wanna do some crazy shit with Peekaboo, though.

Doom’s rocks are just awesome. Teleport tricks with Wesker is a no brainer. It is just a good assist for any offensive character. When I’m zoning with Trish, it is amazing for protecting her while you throw Sparda out. The start up on mini-Round Trip is pretty long, so I don’t like using it without covering myself with an assist. And of course, if you go on the offense with Trish, Doom rocks are no slouch there either.

But yeah, Trish is pretty versatile, I believe. If you have two characters you enjoy, I don’t think you’d be hurting yourself by throwing Trish in there as well. Low Voltage and Peekaboo are just good assists.

I’m currently rocking

Trish can help keep pressure on with her peekaboo and hopscotch assist.
Trish can also be used to extend combos and open up possibilities, same with Spiderman.
Use X-23’s ankle slicer and Trish dive kick for some unblockable goodness. This team also has some pretty good DHC synergy.

Her dive kick isn’t overhead, unfortunately. If I’m in their face with Trish, I try to use her j.L as an instant overhead and cancel that into dive kick, but it doesn’t combo unless they get hit by the ankle slicer. So if they block low, they will eat a j.L to the face, but not much else. Dive kick puts you right back where you were, so it doesn’t hurt to throw out there once in a while I suppose.

Air dash j.H with a low hitting assist can be pretty tricky. j.H crosses up so easily that even if they do manage to block the low-hi mix up (if it isn’t unblockable), it still has some juice.

I’d like to add that j. :h: is also an (not so) instant overhead on large characters, and you can ususally combo into divekick. This is mainly useful because of ridiculous range j. :h: has, using assists you can also set up for “unblockables” on larger characters. It is slower, but you don’t need to be right near your opponent.

On topic: I personally use Chris (Gunfire)/Trish (Hopscotch)/ Wesker (Jaguar Kick). Chris is a great battery, and he can DHC into Trish really well. Hopscotch is a good AA for Chris (something that he needs). Chris’s Gunfire also helps Trish with both keepaway and rushdown. Now Wesker benefits from all the meter Trish and Chris build and is last for better DHC order. Why I don’t use Wesker’s Low Shot? Because Trish’ relaunch combos aren’t that good at all, and Chris doesn’t need an OTG assist, only an expansion one. And Wesker’s Jaguar Kick puts them in untechable air reel, that Chris/Trish can easily follow-up for good damage. I especially like to jump back, and then call Wesker, if opponent tries to punish you can always get them with Air Magnum with Chris/ Low Voltage with Trish and still combo after it. I sometimes use Trish on point if I’m uncomfortable with the match-up (against Dante/Wesker).

My Team atm is


Zero’s Uppercut keeps them away from me

But I personally think Dante compliments Trish well and vise versa. Dante’s weasel shot can be used to keep pressure while I.AD to j.H or j.S. His Jam session is good too of course but that last hit causing major push back doesn’t let me do the mix ups. I’m mainly using weasel shot cause I have zeros uppercut for defense

also I personally use j.S more than j.H though, It’s so much faster and it has such a wierd looking cross up, Mix it up with Triangle Dashing to lows and you’re good to go


Oh it isn’t? Whoops

I started with Trish/Doom/Dorm… But I realized I needed a a gtfo assist so now I’m trying Akuma over Dorm.

Peekaboo/Molec Shield/Tatsu are my assists.

Trish’s Hopscotch assist works especially well with Spencer – the bionic arm can reel them into the trap and allow you to continue your combo (normally not possible meterless with Spencer on point).

Chris/Trish/Dormu or Sent, seems to be working pretty well wish my ranked matches would work though :frowning: Chris is an awesome battery for trish and either of my 3rds.

Like I say before, Spencer and Trish are just great together. Place Spencer on point and use Trish’s Low Voltage assist to both cover you as well as arranging some nice cross-ups with Spencer’s Zip wire. Spencer is also an amazing battery that can make quite a dent into the opponent’s team while giving you a long of meter. DHC-wise there is also some good synergy there; while Spencer’s on point, DHC’ing from Bionic Maneuvers into Round Harvest is quite damaging; with Trish on point DHC from Maximum Voltage into Bionic Lancer to finish off a combo or when you see that your opponent is about to punish your Maximum Voltage with a long rage Hyper of their own.

I really love Spencer/Trish right now. It took me a lot of testing, but I definitely found a pair that works.

I am currently using:
Trish: Hopscotch assist
Dante: Jam Session assist

I am trying to find a 3rd (that is not Sentinel). So far I been playing with:
Dr Doom: Hidden Missles or Molecular Shield (depends on the team)
Dormmamu: Black Hole

Depending on the team, I play Trish differently.

  • For Run Away teams, I rush them down and do ambiguous dive kicks while using an assist to keep them from running.
  • For Rush Down teams, I use Trish to Zone, Dante Jam session assist to keep them on the ground and either Molecular Shield or Black hole to add additional chip when I land a Round Harvest.

Currently i am trying different combinations. This are the 3 teams i am trying at the moment. I dont know yet if they are good or bad but thats only a matter of time.

Team 1: Wesker (Samurai Edge), Dante (Jam session) Trish (Low Voltage)

Team 2: Chris (Gun Fire), Trish (Low Voltage), Zero (Ryuenjin)

Team 3: Spencer (Wire Grapple forward), Trish (Peekaboo), Dante (Jam Session)

Been using Wesker/Trish/Doom since the game came out. I can’t really complain about anything. At first using Doom was hard. Overtime I’ve gotten better with Doom and I’m pleased with the team. The only two things is that I tend to jump between assists with Trish(Usually use Hop Scotch) as well as who to use as a second and third between Trish and Doom. Lately I’ve been using Doom as number 2 and been having success.

Wesker is my best right now but Trish is right behind him. Got some nice Trish stuff recently for mix ups. Also with Wesker I don’t use meter since he does good damage without it.

I’ve been messing around with Captain America recently. Trying to see if he a good fit for Wesker and Trish. I use Ryu as a third character at times too. His Hadoken is great for Wesker even adds a bit more damage to his combos and easily hit confirmable and his super is amazing especially with x factor. So its Wesker/Trish/Doom and Wesker/Trish/Ryu are my teams.


I was using Wolverine/ X-23/ Sent, but I might be taking out X-23 for Trish. I need to see how wolverine can use her peekaboo assist to keep his lockdown a little, but I’m not sure yet. Trish also adds the air mobility that my team is lacking

Right now I’ve Hsien-Ko/Trish/Thor.

Using Trish’s Peekaboo with Ko’s pendulum is nasty.

I’m using Trish-B/Sent-A or Y/Doom-B in that order. Pretty good team in my opinion I usually assist Y for Sent, really good for otg combos with Trish. Assist A for Sent works pretty good too. And Doom’s missile assist is just too good, especially with Trish’s round harvest hyper combo.

I’m actually running Dante/Trish/Hsienko as my main team. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly GOOD team though, since I’m kinda scrub to MvC in general still.

I’m running Trish with Low Voltage because it helps add to otherwise slow/unsafe pressure strings, and also fun to play around with using square jump (is that the right term?) and Hsienko’s dash. I also have fun with pendulum assist while tossing a roundtrip during a jump, with either a slow switchsign, or just dash in for free, since there’s still everywhere for me at that point.

u guys might hate me, but I am using Floe’s team of Haggar/Trish/Sent, esp with trish on point and Haggar lariat, zeros can’t cross me over at all, or if you want, trap someone in the corner as haggar with trish hopscootch assist, after he block teh assist, time for haggar lvl 3 or pile driver right when they land :slight_smile: but in general, Haggar/Trish makes for insane zoning, and I doubt anyone can really rush in once haggar sets in, at least not yet for me. and if they try to turtle, Sent assist or trish with low voltage with hagger Super jump pipe, u can chip them to death