Good Rush Down Characters

Which characters are excellent at rushing down the opponent? I have decided to switch to a more intense rushdown style since when I try playing keep away and zoning I usually end up rushing down my opponent.

Any suggestions?

You might want to try Wolverine. I heard he’s okay.

Dante, Wolverine, She-Hulk, Taskmaster, Ammy, Ryu, Akuma, Wesker, Jill, Viper, Zero, Storm, Doom.

Deadpool has good rushdown.


well there are lots of good character choices for rush down. you need o choose wat secondary options you want with your rush down. when you choose magneto for rush down you also get his annoyingly good camping ability to kinda of keep your opponent off balance. if you choose wolv or zero you get un-real speed mix ups when you have pressure on your opponent, looking for some one with good aerial grab game plus strong footsies i their attack paters you can use she hulk or taskmaster. last is mobility. characters with dive kicks or other tricks to moving can often help out immensely wen trying to rush down, things like shuma’s ability to tiger knee mystic smash, or the fact that spider man and spencer have great air control and can stay up in over head range for a long time. but the list above of

is a very good place to start with the overall rush down group.

Haggar. Hsien Ko. Jill.

You forgot Tron and Arthur.

magneto is the most fun rushdown character imo, plus he’s one of those characters where once you learn how to rush down very well with him, you can pretty much rush down with anyone

Zero, X-23, Wolverine and Wesker.

If you want a rush down team, wolverine, zero, wesker, not the best synergy, pretty much 3 point characters but they rush down well. In my opinion.

Haggar with a let me in assist can pressure well, but requires a good read on when the opponent will Advance Guard. he can practically leave himself at advantage all day with his Pipe, Violent Axe L and Hoodlum Launcher L. Just be aware that while he bodies 1/3 of the cast, the other 2/3rds rip him a new one. If he doesn’t do well against the current opponent you can always tag him out and use him as an assist his Lariat single handedly won Evo recently, fooling people everywhere into thinking it was just Phoenix. Better still you can always Aerial Exchange him in and begin pressure after opening an opponent, Once opened up his combos are hilariously easy to do for damage. Better still, he doesn’t need meter and if he does get bodied, he’ll still get you meter.

Wolverine is Fantastic in this respect. The guy is an absolute terror right now. The character is probably the easiest in the game to tear through an opponent’s first two characters, then he’s just a left right mixup xx berserker charge, combo, xfc, combo away from ripping through the third.

Wesker is a competent rusher. doesn’t need assists really, and has no real need for meter.

Taskmaster sounds like a good fit for you. You can play keepaway and eventually go into Rushdown with him. Lots of things he does lead to big damage. his counter super leads to another free super, any throw leads to a super, he has a self-unblockable, a ghetto air dash, TWELVE different non super projectiles. He can do fine in any team in ANY position, in any capacity.



Thats all you really need…

My rush down team is Magneto/Wolverine/Akuma. Magneto an Wolverine work amazingly well together, and both really benefit from Akuma Tatsu assist. I usually leave X-Factor for Akuma, because he is a beast with Lv3 X-Factor.

My playstyle is rushdown and I roll X-23/Ammy/Spencer. I don’t think Spencer gets enough love as a rushdown character. He’s a bruiser, but he’s so mobile he might as well be a rush character.


team simple mode

Captain America is a rush down character.

What? Don’t laugh at me!

best rush down are Wolverine, She-Hulk, Ammy, Wesker, Viper, Zero, X-23, Spencer, Super Skrull.

The best based on what? Especially since you left out Magneto, Jill and Felicia among other, who cant play keepaway at all.