Good ps2-xbox adapter?

Does anyone know if this one is good?
What other ones do you recommend? Ive been looking for the magic box but cant find one.

That thing is great if all you are looking for it something to go from PS->USB. It’s a piece of junk, ignore it and get this, x-joybox

Hoe does that thing work for Joysticks?

Do you get any lag from it?

None at all. I have had no issues with that converter.

Try doing a little reading

I already saw that. Why do you think I said I cant find the magic box?

The XP-Joybox is mentioned in there. Universal adapters are generally crap. Not to toot my own horn but if it’s not in that thread it’s probably not worth getting. Other than the Magic Box and Innovation adapter everything in there is easy to get.

Does it work with the SF Nubytech PS2 controllers?

I have no idea, all of my sticks have first-party PCB’s.