Good pokes.......and

What’re some good pokes I should use with Elena? I know her Standing HK is good, but it’s range is annoying >_<.
Also anyone know where I can find some Elena artwork?

google? google! and also the fighters retardation

Ya sure Frankie’s got some good Elena artwork?

or you could check the sticky threads in IMM

cr.MP, st.MP, Round Arc, st.RH, st. and cr.Short, bla bla bla. She has good pokes, they just take some getting used to.

Cool thanks, bro.

Forget s.HK. It’s all about b+HK. Doubles as an anti air and a poke. Basically it’s s.HK except better. :cool:

Ooooooooooooh, is it cancelable?:looney:


It’s not really a poke IMO, but more of a stuff. I don’t consider a move that moves you backwards as a poke. :lol:

St.RH isnt useless. sometimes you need to go forward just a little bit. over a poke. there ya go. but yeah back RH is super cool.