Good Magneto Teams

Sup yo? I was waondering what were some good Mag teams? Not necessarily the top teams (MsP, MsS, etc.) I was wonderin If you guys had any teams you liked to use, if they could explain how their team worked. . . . . I’m looking for a new team, MsP is too popular for me. Just looking to see which direction I should be going as far as finding new partners.

Here’s some alternative teams I’ve seen so far:

Magneto [a] | Storm [a] | Rogue [y] - I seena dude who was badass wid rogue assist. it seemed like dash in + rogue, allowed rogue to throw right when they got out of blockstun, and it beat out a lot of shyt too. Of course we all know how filthy Mag/Storm is. . … . .

Magneto [a] | Storm [a] | Tron [y] - DaMn!! + Tron, = death. Thats all I ever saw witht that team.

Are there any other really good teams out there? Dont have to be top tier chars, and you dont have to worry bout whether or not I can play them, cuz I can learn them. Thank God for DreamCast

mag/spiral (ground)
mag/sabertooth (proj)
mag/bison (proj i think? the exploding one)
mag/gambit (proj)

mag/spiral is sick cause u can do launch, sj. rh, ad df wk, wk , land, call spiral, dash over, TAUNT, (they’re still getting hit) and continue w/ the attack :evil:

mag/rouge(y) is a really good combination. most resets you can do are unescapable regardless if they block magnetos initial hit.
launch, hk airdash downforward, mk(land) call rouge, dash to other side s.lp. if they get hit by the punch they fall into the throw, if they block rogue still grabs em.

mag/cable/rogue is probably the best mag/rogue team because you get an anti air with it and its not as hard when you try rushing a runaway storm which is virtually impossible with mag/storm/rogue.

mag/storm/anak:cool: :eek: :evil:

you mean in assist anakaris? a or b or y? pls tel me what can do anak in assist??? tnx.

Hey 50, who’s a good Anak player? I’d like to see some good vids of him.

These are my matches using Anakaris…

Yep try the thing that taiji said as well TAUNT :-X oh and clean your pm box :lol:

lol; i can’t play anak worth a shit; he just has some real nasty stuff with magneto. my friend showed me a way to get a free reset everytime you land a hit with magneto with anak’s throw assist…too good; i dun remember it tho, i think the only thing i could do with magneto to get out of it was tempest, storm can’t get out of it, cable can’t get out of it i don’t think, and im not sure on sentinel, all the low tier get it for free

Mag [a]/Sent[a or y]/Tron [a or y]

eh?. . . eh? Whaddya think fellaz?

That team is dope. I use it.

Mag/Tron does nice fucken damage. ^^

actually, I was thinkin along the lines of either Sent [y] or Jugg[a]. I kinda got beef wit a Sent player in my area, and it violates our code for me to play w/ Sent, and him to play w/ Mag. LoLz. I tld him higher Mag and he told me higher Sent and we’ve ben going at it ever since. So, do you think that Mag[a]/Jugg[a]/Tron[y] would be a good team to go against sent/Strider/Doom? What I usually do is call Jugg or Tron early (preferably Tron) so that they keep rocks from comin out, and do damage to Doom. Sometimes, Strider/sent’s in blockstun, which is where I want them. RTSD, wash,rinse,repeat. Until Doom comes out, then the trap starts. Then I’m thinkin that I could CounterxxHeadCrush?? What do you think?

Umm… I would only use mag/top tier/tron…

Try Cable. =]

I lik the way Cammy fits as well, but I dont have many things to so with Cammy on point. Any tips/strats for Mag/Cammy [AAA]? Would really appreciate it.


I just got addicted to the team.

magneto with iron man AAA. just look at the life

magneto with spiral assist as what was said by taiji.

magneto with dhalsism AAA. call dhalsim, grab, do whatever u want.

magneto with silver sam groud. spiral is better tho:o

i think my personal fav is mag[a]/sent[y]/ironman**… i guess thats combofiends team or watever but its just a hell of a lot o fun to mess with… too bad my sent sux:(

Magneto/Iron Man/Sentinel…any assist will do

It should be drones assist foo! :rolleyes:

you know team Row/RRow is top 5 for sure.

i say violate that code of honor shit and rape his ass for the .50$

i had a buddy like that back in my tekken days… he had a decent jin/jun… but I had a seriously higher lei wulong/kazuya… eventually when I came over if I picked that team once he’d turn off the console, lol.

you could try mag/cable/psy (Soo1) or… mag/doom/cyke or… mag/IM/psy is this d.hyo’s team now? or… mag/storm/cyke…

i think you should play row.