Good Lord, are CHEAP!

Alright! Now, I know I’m not alone when it comes to getting cheated while playing Street Fighter. In my opinion (which is fact!), you’re either an honorable fighter, or a CHEAT! I’m not sure if I’ve played anyone here or not, but if we do happen to cross fisticuffs in the future, I have a few simple rules. These are rules that any honorable fighter should already be well aware of…but for you cheaters out there, please read closely and abide:

  • Okay, when I hit you…please DO NOT HIT ME BACK! I am a man of peaceful intentions, and do not wish you actual harm. I merely wish to send you into a blissful sleep, where you will dream in abundance of all your favorite things.

  • If I am dizzy (which means you obviously failed to comply to my first request above), then I do require a full 8 seconds to recover before we begin fighting again. My fingers can be sluggish and get cold easily, so I ask for ample time to recover.

  • IF you actually strike me while I am dizzy, then I simply ask you to do the honorable thing and retire from the Street Fighter community forever. You’ll be better for it.

  • While we are tussling, please disregard the ability to “throw” at all times. Only the most vile of cheaters use this glitch…and I can’t believe after all this time that Capcom hasn’t fixed this issue.

  • DON’T CHOOSE MY FAVORITE CHARACTER COLORS! We can’t BOTH use them. If I’m not the right color, I might get confused. So, yes…this is cheating too!

  • DON’T PICK VEGA! Who brings knives to a fist fight, anyway? He even hides his face in shame because he KNOWS he’s cheap.

  • Don’t pick Blanka, either! He frightens me a little bit, and I can’t concentrate when I see his face and stuff.

  • I’d honestly prefer it that, if and when I manage to throw a Glowball at you, please don’t block it or jump over it. Talk about frustrating!

  • Tick throws or chip damage: If you insult me in this way…rest assured I WILL PERSONALLY SUE YOU.

  • Finally, please don’t move around so much. I can get dizzy easily and may drop the controller in a nervous sweat. Hardly fair, right?

Thanks for reading! Not so hard, huh? If we all stick together (like at GameFaqs), I believe we can one day have an honorable Street Fighter community again!

I am entertained. Nice job!

fuck vega! :mad:

lol. You forgot Akuma air firballs.

Game of Death

I loled at Glowball.

  • DON’T CHOOSE MY FAVORITE CHARACTER COLORS! We can’t BOTH use them. If I’m not the right color, I might get confused. So, yes…this is cheating too!

my favorite thank you sir

No combos other than jumping RH low RH.

justin who?

This guy fell into a coma in the early 90s and just woke up.

Joke posts aside, you should come to Nashville whenever you have a chance, we’ve got the best arcade in the state, check the matchmaking section for details.

You are either the best troll ever or a transplant from 1994. Either way I busted a gut. Good show, I’d rep you if I could.

YEAH IK RIGHT PEOPLE TALK ABOUT STUFF AND SAY IT’S CHEAP. I mean this is kind of funny but a whole new thread?

Honour in video games is the truest measure of the mettle of a man.

Reposting this in a less obscure thread…

Fucking repped. Good shit.

Don’t press buttons. Pressing them in combination with each other is cheap.

This shit is too funny. If only SF was like that.

If anybody beats my Ryu with Sagat, I will personally never talk to them again.

This thread is gold. :rofl:

please dont put your quater in after mine at the arcade, please wait until I am finshed my game…if I wish for competition I will contact you