Good characters to start with in SFV?

I started playing SFV recently. I’ve played a bunch of SF2 and 4, but this is the first time im playing seriously. So I’m wondering what some good beginner characters would be. This question has an obvious answer, Ryu, but I was wondering what other characters would be good for beginners? For the sake of options

Cammy, Necalli, maybe even Falke come to mind. They’re all easy, straight-forward and not execution demanding, and the first two are top and high tier too respectively.

You could also just stick to the character that enthralls you the most, it’s better than picking a character you don’t really feel because it’s technically more beginner friendly.

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Huh. I would’ve thought Cammy was one of the more complex characters

There’s only one tricky thing about Cammy and that’s spacing her divekick correctly.

I’d also throw Karin in the mix.

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Cammy is probably the easiest char to pick up. Karin can be too but she required a bit more skill and has a higher skill ceiling


Thanks for the input! I’ve been messing around with Ken and Cammy alot, and went up a few leagues using them. This is just a me thing but I almost feel guilty using Cammy??? I always shy away from the highest tier characters in other fighters, it’s just a weird mental thing. She’s fun, but I think I’m leaning towards Ken as my main. I tried Necalli and Karin in training a bit, and didn’t enjoy them as much, but that’s just preference.