Good characters for ssf4

ok been around ssf for a long time and played it since the 90’s but right now hasnt played it because of the military. for the next 5 months i will be in the lab playing ssf4 and i need some inputs on who to use and why. i need a primary and a secondary character to fall back on and no grief inputs please cause i hate that mofo lol

It’s pretty much on you man… I suggest playing all the char and getting to know them a bit. Try to find one whom you share some things in common with, it’s important you’re never bored. A character is only as good as you want to be, and the time and energies you’re willing to put into him/her. Once you have settled on one find a mentor or mentors, someone who knows how to win and you can learn from… It’s kewl to take things from them but don’t try to copy their style cause that’s just lame… always have fun and never give up! There are still quite a few char we have yet to see played at a real competitive tournament level and you never know who’s going to be the first to bring that char on the scene.

…Or did you just want to hear, “main Vega!” Enough said.

jk… ^^