Good characters for Analog stick

I had to recently change to Analog stick. What are the best characters to use for Analog? Been using Ryu but his controls seem to be too “sensitive” using analog.

which motions are you struggling with though?

if you’re having trouble with the shoryuken input, there are plenty of characters who don’t use that input at all

if you’re having trouble with quarter-circle inputs, your options are pretty much limited to charge characters (and zangief, although if you can’t do a quarter circle I would imagine that 360s and 720s are out of the question)

My problem is after my recent medical procedure I cannot stand the feeling of the d pad. Is it best to just be switch to an arcade stick? Do they put much pressure on upper thumb? Struggle with charge characters the most.

I’ve been playing SF with an analogue stick since Vanilla SFIV (had it on 360 and the D-Pad on that pad was astrocious) and I’m having no trouble at all in SFV. So I’d say it’s just something you’ll have to get used to.

I don’t know what rank you’re playing on but if you don’t care that much about optimization just yet you might want to pick Chun. She has both charge and quarter circle moves and no DP motions, sou you can practice your charging a bit with fireballs and your motion with Lightning Legs.

I don’t think getting a stick is the way to go if you never used one. The switch from pressing buttons with your fingers instead of your thumbs is a lot harder to do then going from D-Pad to analogue stick, at least in my opinion.

controlling a stick is a lot of wrist movement with a little bit of finger movement and some arm involvement as well. you still rely on your thumb a fair amount, but I would imagine its less straining than playing on a controller where you’re using your thumb for everything. I’ve never tried playing on analog stick so I can’t say for sure (although I can say stick is MUCH less stressful on your thumb than playing with a dpad)

There are a few different ways people hold the stick. I’ve seen players that do the ‘wine glass’ method where the stick is between two fingers and their hand is almost upside down. That way seems to use no thumb. I’ve seen good players that hold the stick in a claw sort of way and mainly use their forearm which seems like it wouldn’t hurt the thumb,but looks and feels clunky to me. Most of the people I meet sort of have the stick bewteen two fingers but they are holding the ball between their thumb and index/middle finger which does put pressure on the thumb.

There are some videos on youtube about different ways people hold the stick if you want to search for them.

I think SFV is pretty analog stick friendly, however I certainly would recommend a joystick over analog any day if you can no longer use a d-pad.

For me, dashes are the only pain in the ass with the analog stick.

Yeah dashes are an issue as well as blocking.

I’ve been an Analog guy my whole life so I’m not gonna switch but games like GG are bitch on Analog because of really weird motions for meter store moves and what not.

Luckily SFV doesn’t really have that problem. I can even do Kolin’s double jump easy.

The biggest problem with the analog stick is ,that the spring in it gets loose really fast with beat em ups .

Fightstick would be a good way to reduce the stress on your thumb, if you’re willing to invest the money. As far as I can tell most of the pressure on a fightstick is on the lower thumb and or in the joint between upper and lower. Thing is you can hold it in different ways and with time your hand will adjust to a way that feels comfortable, so you will naturally try to avoid putting stress on your thumb; pretty much like in any other sport when you get an injury and you adjust when coming back from it