"Good Boy" Gaming Console MOD HELP, PLEASE!

So I was rummaging through my old boxes in the garage and came across this console I bought from the Philippines maybe like 10 or so years ago. Funniest name ever for a game console…“Good Boy.” I think they were trying to get something catchy like Game Boy, well it’s the Philippines anything works right? Here’s a pic of it.


It’s basically like a Famicon, I guess. The cartridges are those half size NES ones. Back in the day when my pops would be on duty for the Navy, he got us these cartridges from Japan and we had the Famicon to NES adapter to play on our NES.


Here are some of the games that I was able to keep working


The top right was is the shizz, it’s one of those multiple games in one type deals. Has some awesome games like Mario Bros, sick ass shumps like Twin Bee and B-Wings, and a funny ass game called Wrestle.


So the main reason why I’m posting a thread on this is because I was wondering if it would be possible to work on an MC Cthulhu. And if not, can it be padhacked? Well, obviously it can, but I have no experience with it. The controller wiring is coming apart and was wondering if I can get someone to padhack the PCB for me in the future IF it won’t work with the MC. Here’ a pic of the controller port…


Also, being that it is from the Philippines, it runs 220 volt instead of 110 and I use this freakin’ 50 pound step down transformer to play it…


Along with wanting the controllers to be padhacked…anyone here a professional electrician? I read on eHow that you can re-wire it to run 110. Basically wondering how much that would cost and would it even be worth doing so…

Can anyone help or give any advice?

BTW, will post screen shots of games once I hook it up over the weekend and reminisce about good ol’ days of 2D where there’s only 1 damn, specific ass way to beat each level…

Its a famiclone. Betcha those pads are 15 pin famicom style; yes, the MC should be able to work on it just fine, but it hasnt been tested on a Famicom as far as I know. Anything compatible with the 15 pin Famicom pinout should work. If you want to try a MC Cthulhu cord, this would be the pinout Id try:
You should be able to get a Famicom usable cord on an MC Cthulhu by connecting:
Purpose ---- Famicom pin # ----- Cthulhu Column
GND - 8 - G
CLK - 10 - A
LATCH - 12 - F
DATA - 11 - C
VCC - 9 - V
But of course I don’t have one to test on, so this is currently untested.

Pms are a pain in teh butt. Threads are better for everyone involved, so:
threads >>>>>>> PM.

Sorry Toodles! Now I know, just that everyone responds better to me with PMs. Now I know brother! Anyways, thanks for the info and advice…will try it out tomorrow…

I happen to have an original Famicom. I am not sure how to even test using the 15 pin cable because the controllers are built into the system, so I don’t know how 1p and 2p player assignment would work.

Isn’t there a 15 pin ‘expansion’ connector on it right in the front?
Covered by the red plug in this picture:

yep it’s there, but it is not possible to detach the player 1 and player 2 pads from the system. So if I plug in a MC cthulhu the 1 player and 2 players pads stay player 1 and 2. I think the expansion is for the zapper, Rob and other stuff. I don’t know if you can force the 15 pin port to be player 1 or 2. I only have 1 game for the system, so I have nothing to test. I have it more for collection purposes. Also finding a 15-pin cord to fit in that jack not sure if a standard d-sub will fit.

This is the only picture I could find of the rear of the famicom. Ignore whatever mod they are doing to the system. You cannot detach the controllers. The original Famicom really had a retarded design. There was a redesign with detachable controllers with the cord out the top of the controller instead of the side, the Top loading Famicom AV.


^well mine has the ports for P1 and P2 on the sides, so the controllers do detach from the system itself

I dont think you have to detach the existing controllers to use a controller in the port, just plug in and go. The Capcom Power Stick had a Famicom connector for it, so I see no reason the MC wouldn’t work over the 15 pin connector.

I still remember those from back in the day. They even had the decency to use it’s own shell and not make it look like a Playstation (Polystations as they were branded).

May sound ignorant of me, but basically I’m just clipping the cord from the pad itself and re-wiring into an RJ45 plug correct?

OMG nostalgia! Them Goodboys are sturdy Famiclones. I’m wondering if I could pickup something like that nowadays but I guess the only Famiclones that are being sold right now are the ones with flimsy controllers that plug directly to a TV with a friggin’ 100000000 games (Which are actually 5 games renamed over and over :annoy:)