Gonna Try and Revive TVC

Hey guys, I know this part of the forums has as many users check it as much as cvs2 did back in 05…06 I believe? ( I think this is the year that thread DIED… =( )

But I want to start bringing this game back up, I want to get it going in the 925 as a side game we play, we probably wont get as serious or high level as the game was at its peak in late 2010 but I liked this game. Is anyone else still playing? We may stream tourneys of it also so I will try and find out and leave a link.

i still play, if you can stream that be cool, i personally wont ever put another video in this board, even though im still doing tvc videos an stuff, i just wont put it here, srk does not care about this game so theres no point for me to ever put a video here anymore.

theres a good comunity of players over the gamefaqs board of tvc, if you ever want to play online that is the best place to look for a match, most player run wired an have a good connection so the game still playable.

This is nothing but a lie…

Most (like 70-75%) of the players are young on GF and do not know/do not care about getting a wired setup. Shit the person posting that (OZ) runs wireless and is in another country and has a shitty speed, but still “tries” to have “high level” matches… LOL

There are like 40-50 players on that site and at most 7 of them run a wired connection on high speed and do not have others on their connection all the time. That is at most. You could find 6 other players to play with in less than 3 months of pushing the game at locals…

People and Money build interest in any game. If you do not have people playing it, no one will care. If you do not put up money for it, people will not care… Less and less people are caring about the fact that it is on the Wii, but they are more concerned that no one play it and no money is ever going into it.

If you can change either one of those two factors then the game will build for you… Other wise, you can lie to yourself and play online with GF…LOL

Edit: The best and most efficient way to build interest in this game is to hold tourneys at other events, (I prefer smash tourneys because most all the people there have Wii’s or have access to them more than once a week) but you have to stay consistent. After two months of running tourneys at some monthly/bi-weekly, announce that at the next one you will put up $75-$100 into the pot. Keep the entry low as can be ($2-$5) and continue to put up bonus money.

I know it sounds like a waste but, if bringing the game back up is what you are after then you need to make some sacrifices to ensure that it happens.

Just some food for thought

should i mention im the only one over the board that runs wireless (an few newbies but im not counting them), the rest use wired, but silly me i forgot im talking to you, the guy that never look into something an just say whatever he wants for no reasons, an sorry i forgot you have play on tournaments an won nothing, you make me laugh all the time, always complaining about stupid things, like “oh i find this months ago an you stole it from me, shit call the cops”, or like “that doesnt work, but i need to check it”, an the most hilarious thing is you… of all people lecturing me about zero sigh, that one when from funny to pathetic.

You always do the same, come into the forum, an pretend you know something about things you hardly understand, an you always do it after a pityful attack on another user comment, but hey dont worry this is da internet we dont care about this things here, an believe it or not we loved you, yes cause you always make us laugh, especially when you try to troll people.

Hey man call it how you want but you know you are lying to your self. Just put up a thread asking for only wired people and then put up another topic asking for matches (wired or not). The same people will not be in both threads and that is the truth. You will only see like maybe 1 or 2 responses in the wired thread but in the thread that does not ask for a wired connection, you will get more than 2 for sure.

Do not be so butt hurt stupid. You posted a lie and I called you on it. Shut up and be wrong, really. I mean no one is here and you are still lying… Why do you feel the need to do that?

LOL you are the only one running wireless… Really you believe that… LOL no wonder I need to lecture you on stuff, you are not only stupid but very delusional.


I run [S]wireless[/S] who cares let’s just keep playing.

Update to my April 19, 2012 post:

I now run a wired connection, with port forwarding and no firewall on my Wii.

if you want to revive this game, bring it to your next meetup and build some hype

A couple of us play casuals at the local meetup in our area. I’m hoping that more people get interested and play.

Played a few matches last night against a European player, he didn’t drop a single combo and won every match except for one.

I really need to practice more on my combos. Funny thing is I need a 2 to 4 hour warm up before going on-line and I’m still rusty. lol

Problem is I only play a couple days hear and there, for me if I don’t play everyday I don’t improve.

Still love playing though.

Go ahead. Do your best.

I’ll be there to ruin the game.