Goldsboro Gaming Expo - 20,000 Square Foot Tourny!

Date February 4th 2006 1pm-10pm
Location: Wayne Community College Goldsboro, NC
Expected attendance: 500+
Fees: $7 at the door $5 if pre-ordered online by Feb 2nd!


Tekken 5 6:00pm (register by 5:45pm)

MvsC2 3:30pm (register by 3:15pm)

Halo 2 2:00pm (register by 1:45pm)

Guilty Gear XX 2:00pm (register by 1:45pm)

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike 7:30pm (register by 7:15pm)

Soul Calibur 2 2:30pm (register by 1:45pm)

DDR 2:00pm (register by 1:45pm)

Madden 2006 2:00pm (register by 1:45pm)

StarCraft 5:00pm (register by 4:30pm)

Smash Bros. Melee 4:00pm (register by 3:45)

Project Gotham 3 6:30pm (register by 6:15)

Dead or Alive 4 6:00pm (register by 5:45)

Quake 3 Arena 8:00pm (register by 7:30pm)

Unreal Tournament - 2:00pm (register by 1:30pm)

Prizes: Too much stuff to list… thousands $$ in prizes to be given away!

Sorry for the late notice guys, been going nuts trying to get an account for like over a month …

Other Kick @$$ stuff:

12+ Industry Speakers (check the website for our amazing list of speakers w/ bios!)
15+ Exhibitors (again check the website)

a bit late on this…

It’s no biggie, we’ve been advertising for a month now but this site has been down (not allowing new members) for that same amount of time. The Radio Ads and news articles will be enough for our event.

I just figured you guys might want to join in last minute, because it will seriously kick :rofl:

Over 750 people attended the Goldsboro Gaming Expo this past Saturday! I greatly appologize for not getting the info on this forum sooner, but the event was a complete success! I hope to see everyone back next year for g2e 07!!


meeveret- Check PMs

Picture of the line:

I hope to have several smaller tournaments to keep people’s eyes on our website over the next couple months until the next event.

Next time we are definately having a radio station broadcast at our event. Still mad that didn’t happen this time. (although we definately could NOT of handled any more people this year)

Got our promotional video done. Check it out here:

I had alot of fun at the expo, but I do have a question. Why were the results for Street Fighter EX3 not posted? I had ended up winning, and I was just wondering why the names weren’t posted.

yo y is this tourny on so late, but when are yall going to host another one

you need to die… pics of fat chicks on ddr…

TheChosenOne, send me your info. The person who ran the 2D Fighters has kinda dropped out of existance due to job requirements, as of late. I could not find his results for this tournament. I will be glad to post your info though if you email me your name or handle. Whatever you want on the page.

cubenGeE, the tournament rocked that is why people are still talking about it, we are getting ever increasing amounts of traffic to our site! The next tournament will likely be in February 07! We are already planning the event and locking in sponsors now so we can break the 1,000 attendee mark!

Shodokan123, fat chicks on DDR? WTF? I didn’t see those pics but who knows I didn’t take any pictures either, too busy running the event. I was really disappointed in the small number of pictures, we had 3 news papers all with dedicated photographers, 1 school photographer, and numerous staff with cameras but nobody has sent me their pictures!!!

Luckily we had a dedicated videographer as well so hopefully the DVD release will make up for the lack of photos!!