Goldeneye: Rogue Agent - anyone getting this?

Seems like it will be a nice break from halo 2 when this comes out.

Yea I might get it simply becuase they will be using real guns and stuff, but what I really want is an online version of the 007 that was on N64-- it just owns all the others. They should bring that 2 xbox live becuase that shit would sell!



I’ll be picking up a copy to add to the collection. I loved the previous Goldeneye counterpart, so I’m sure this one will be decent to say the least…


Save your money.

The control in this game is horrendous. If you hold over in any direction on the right joystick (aiming), you begin to turn slow and then speed up through your turn. Even with the sensitivity maxed, the aiming is sluggish. Just try to get consistent head shots with that garbage. Someone should tell EA to give up on the first person shooters. They tried to sell off the classic N64 Goldeneye title when its no where near the caliber of play. Aside from the intuitive eye powers, this game blows. :tdown:

  1. This game sucks major penis
  2. Goldeneye (64) can’t be ported unless Rare gets the bond license, especially if they wanna add live. Possibility it may require nintendo’s approval too.

Its always something that stops great games from becoming online,“MVC2” O well guess i’ll just play these other online fighters and shooters and i’ll never get 2 show off my mvc2 skills online… :sad:


damn :frowning: