Gold (metallic) buttons and balltop/battops?

Hey folks im in the process of customizing an already built sanwa. I was wondering if there any companies that carry gold buttons? if not I was thinking of just trying to painting and coating some myself. The only problem is that Im thinking it would wear through quick and look like crap. Any suggestions or help?

You can buy clear seimitsu buttons and paint the inside plunger golden so you would never make contact with the paint.
As for balltops/battops, there are some people on SRK that make custom ones, you might want to try them.

Double on the clear cap buttons. Seimitsu is known for buttons like these, the new clear Sanwa buttons will work too. I believe B15 uses gold leaf instead of paint. Gold leaf is not cheap and can be hard to use for first timers, as its hammered ultra thin gold foil that will stick to almost anything.
For paint, use paint that contains actual gold as the “gold color” pigments do not look right. You can also cut golden paper (like gift wrap paper) for buttons as well.