Going to my first tournament in a week. Any tips?

I’m going to my first tournament next saturday for MvC3. Anyone have any suggestions/tips for me?

tournaments are awesome, have fun and play your best. even if you lose really badly, you can learn from it by putting yourself out there.

use it as a learning experience/make some friends/shower <— ask any tourney vet)! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty much expecting to lose early on. I’ve had the game on and off a few times (STILL haven’t gotten my copy in the mail yet, had to rent it from redbox) and I haven’t even been able to play online yet. I’m hoping to get the game Tuesday/Wednesday, then I get all day Thursday and Friday to practice.

Have a good time. Ask those that are better than you for advice. Observe what others are doing. If you actually really want to get good, copy what the best players can do. If you can’t do those things (or your team’s equivalent), then you won’t be the best. If you don’t want to be “the best” then find whatever compromise is necessary.

dale shine a la verga, un besito pa todas las h8erz

Don’t be creepy, don’t be a sore loser (or winner), practice good hygiene, bring your own controller or stick for the correct system (or borrow one from a friend (ties into not being creepy)), be on time for registration, let the tourney organizer know if you’ve gotta step out for a bit, and have fun.

You’re going to lose. I’m just going to be blunt and make that quite clear. You’re not going to be some “surprise kid” who comes out of no where and wins. You’re not going to be an under dog and pull a last minute come back. You are not winning this tournament, and you NEED to accept that.

With that said, that does NOT mean just give up. Every match you face, you go in 100%. And when you lose, because you’re going to, try and find out why. Either self evaluate yourself or straight up ask your opponent “what could I have done better”. Get to meet people and use this as a way to show yourself off and say “hey, i want to play this game, who else does?” Because people are playing it and if you’re interested they want to play with you as well.

Hopefully you have all the other common sense things down like hygeine, don’t be stupid, bring your own stick, shake peoples hands win or lose, etc.

Like I said, I’m pretty much expecting to lose early on, but I still intend to get as far as I can.