Going to my first tournament! Any advice?

So long have I been a part of this community, yet I have never been to a tournament. This is all changing on Saturday the 26th, as I will be participating in my very first tournament atmosphere!

Yeah, it’s a small, college tournament (7PM to Midnight) that I expect around 40ish people to show up to, but it’s still a tournament, damnit! With a prize and everything (2 Dollar entry fee, 50/30/20 split)

The only problems I can see are:

The tournaments (Marvel 3, SSFIV, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4) are all on PS3. I use a 360 TE stick with an octogate. I have a few square gates, so I can get used to using the stock TE that will be there.

The big question though, is how do I avoid cracking under pressure in an unfamiliar scenario?

You don’t. Getting rid of tournament jitters comes with experience.

I guess you’re right. :smiley: I’m actually glad I’m starting at a smaller event, rather than starting with something like EVO, y’know?

yeah man, tournaments are the best experience ever. you’re bound to get nervous, just about everyone does. and yes, it’s way better to start at smaller tournaments before something as mentally and physically tasking as EVO, which really requires all of your energy over the span of two days (or three if you make it to finals).

my advice is to take it seriously, concentrate on playing your best, not on winning or losing. don’t give anything away for free. know that you probably wont win the tournament and you probably will get destroyed by someone way better than you. but don’t let that discourage you. look at it as a learning opportunity, and play your best, even if its for sure you’re going to lose. you’ll see what works and what doesn’t. good luck. going to tournaments was what really made me see how awesome fighting games are, there’s absolutely nothing better.

most people get nervous at their first tourney. Time to pop your cherry! :stuck_out_tongue: