Going to get a VSHG in Japan

While being here in Japan for awhile I’ve been seeing these VSHGs in all sorts of game shops for a good price of only $60. I don’t have a PS3 yet so I’d be getting it for PC/MAME.

But I think I keep hearing people occasionally say something about the VSHG being recalled and having some sort of problems. Is there any reason I shouldn’t get one?

As a side question, I hear there is a special adaptor that allows you to use a PS3 controller on the PS2. Is that true? Will it allow me to use my VSHG on my PS2?

Places like Gamestop sell PS3–>PS2 adapters, but they are not 100% compatible with PS2 items.

After that, not much more I can offer… sry.

I think you mean the other way around son…

Just look at the barcode portion on the back of the box, if it has been updated with a sticker you’re getting one where the problems have already been corrected by Sega.

Thanks! I’m gonna get this one. Can’t wait

This is good to know, since I’m going to head over to Japan this year too. =)

I just got it today. Damn its sexy as fuck!

While your in Japan check out the arcades, of course. :cybot:

id looovve to go to japan!!!

lack of $$ doesnt help :sad:

how much does a trip to japan generally run you? I wanna head up sometime

Damn. Wish I knew this before I bought one from NCSX. I hope the one that arrives is a corrected one.

-(-)-1+(8+[2-8])x= solve for Rep.


Sweet. I just got my VSHG and it has a sticker for the barcode.

Old model number: 681-10022

New model number: 681-10022-01