Going to EVO form san diego mira mesa to las vegas will help with gas money

Is anyone going to Evo form mira mesa or close I need a ride thanks

Oh lord…

kill yoself


I could make a stop if you know the rules of the road.

I’ll give you a couple free ones –

Rule #1: Tilt your head back.
Rule #2: Stick your tongue out and say “ahh”

Lot Lizard Mode ON

Please follow the standard SRK procedure and we will get back to you when we can.

  1. Are you a girl (100%)?
  2. Have you always been a girl (100%)?
  3. Are you hot?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, please proceed with the SRK thread tradition of pics or gtfo.

Please read the survival guide…


Good stuff trying to put stuff like this together for the new players.

After it’s done it should be polished up and made as a whole and posted as a sticky in the tournament sections (if it isn’t already, I don’t see it anywhere).

what game you entering?

“I’m a girl I swear, I’ll take pictures at Evo- I’m asking for your help shoryuken, will you guys help me get to Las Vegas?”

Fool me once shame on you…