Going to evo for first time, have a few quistions

Really two things in my mind.

  1. Can I use an xbox TE stick if it has an adapter or is modded for duel use?

  2. Is the atmosphere approiate for girlfriends/sisters/moms?

I only mention it because I know as a fighting game competitor and high energy person myself, things get a little crazy at tournaments. I know with EVO being the biggest tourney of the year there’s going to be more energy in that place then any tourney Ive been too. Having experienced some pretty bad situations bringing those people to tournaments before, its definitely difficult to keep your head in the game when your girlfriend is getting insulted/harassed and your mom is getting ethnic slurs thrown at her.

Not that I mind usually, but EVO has a strict no violence policy. I tend to simmer pretty hot when people mess around with my mom or girlfriend, so I know this is something I need to plan out in advanced. What is it like? Thanks everyone for taking the time.

There’s plenty of people who bring their GFs and kids to EVO, so I dont think its a problem
however, be aware that you are in a competitive enviroment, so don’tbring someone who gets easily offended, cause we get really hype sometimes :lovin:

I’ll show the girls around while you play, look me up.

It isn’t as bad as you think. If there are a couple idiots there, you can ignore them and they will move on.

  1. Yes. There are no useful adapters for 360->PS3. Get your stick dual-modded.
  2. Yes. In fact, EVO probably has a higher proportion of females in attendance than at any other major. They won’t be elephants in the room, rest assured. Curious about your bad experiences in the past, and where, if you don’t mind sharing.

Other things:
3. Folks get hype, but I’m sure you’re a sensible person and can differentiate the good from bad. There are plenty of volunteers so I assume EVO staff are trained to handle such situations should you feel the need to bring it to their attention

  1. Watch your belongings. Enjoy the event. Take a breather from the main hall if you need because things can get heated with so many people. If you’re waiting for your matches, notify staff if you need to take a restroom break or leave the hall.

whats the entry fee for the event if you just want to spectate…I only plan on goin friday and saturday

Spectators spectate for free…

whats the fee for then, i heard it was $70 to get in?

The fee is the cover charge for those who are planning to compete…

ohh ok thx!