God Tier YouTUBE Channels

whats your favorite youtube channel?

heres mine
team spooky after hours (great high lvl play with announcers)
**tokidoblog **(high lvl japenese play)
**karinUSF4 **(most important matches with english announcers)


ill check it out right now, thank you.

i made this so i could find some new hype channels.

yogaflame is boring, i prefer announcers, or at least some sick character match ups. (dan, oni, hakan, etc)

A-cho battle movie (Alpha 3, BBCP, GG)
GAMEacho (Hokuto, BBCP, GG, SSF4AE)
vegascup (Alpha 3)
TheShend (3S)
HardEdgeOfficial (Hokuto, BBCP)
jojoHFTFsq (Jojo: Heritage for the Future)
Preppy (Marvel 2)

feel free to post your channels for any game but i, myself, am just looking for ssf4

My bad dude. I clicked your thread at the top of the forum. Didn’t even noticed I was in the AE section. Well, GAMEacho is pretty good for AE though.

no no, sall good, post any channel you like, its good for anyone looking for different game types.

i checked gameacho and subbed so thanx anyways.

LordofUltima has awesome stuff for beginners (especially akuma beginners)
too lazy to link since I’m on my phone but I’m sure you can find him in a second.

Japanese Arcade matches.
Team Yubiken:https://www.youtube.com/user/yubiken/videos
Also matches from Japan, mostly with Kim1234, SuperSantaroman and more.
Both for SF4, mostly offline.

used to be subbed to black but i got bored of random uploads, i really love matches with english announcers, wish i could find me some more.

tek1nn seems to have some sick stuff, ill check em out.

yea, thanx for the tek1nn channel, vids are pretty great, i subbed.


http://www.youtube.com/user/kr1s78 Uploads before yoga, sometimes.
http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWQCw4DB0l3mJn7m42fo4cw Gamerbee
http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJgn3CxEbaDrr29xZdC_vQA hasn’t uploaded in a week…
http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuSoXwvv84IqJof6qFo7EmQ hasn’t uploaded in a year, but if you like to watch old matches…
http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhl2p0Z0lPwXs3v3NwyKHQ Latif. got some more uploads coming soon.

Where can i watch Topanga matches…


Search there. There was also some random guy who was uploading them to youtube but I can’t remember his name. Something like Bavo Brulyant or something like that but I couldn’t find anything with that.

What is that alien language??? Cannot understand anything :frowning:

I quite like MetalMusicMan04. And Engravings.

Mostly Japanese uploads from niconico.


Its usually low quality but you find a lot of stuff you don’t see anywhere else

Dude…Any channel on youtube that uploads Topanga matches?? :-/