Go back to vBulletin

I believe the SRK needs to go to its old root! Please go back to vBulletin 3.x.x!

I don’t know about the financials of that - the financials of Vanilla were made public, and it was crazy expensive - but my memory is that under both vBulletin and Vanilla we were getting destroyed by spambots. It may have not seemed that way because mods worked hard to tame the threat. Discourse is at least doing one thing right in that the spam is mostly under control by autoflagging of the suspicious bullshit. knock on wood

What in particular excites you about vBulletin?

The whole interface and the ability to change one skin to another depending on your preference. To me I enjoyed the platform itself and it was super appealing. I think there were great mods to prevent spam bot from occurring. Especially since captcha was improved overall. Also, what makes this software from preventing bots from registering ?

I just want my Get Rekt button back.


There are a couple skins for discourse - light and dark at the least.

I’ve liked our mods over the years, yes. But it’s generally a waste of time for them to be fighting spam versus contributing in other positive ways. Spam should be handled by the board as much as possible: you don’t want to waste the energy of people who’ve got stuff to contribute.

I’m unclear what makes this software so much better as regards spam - that’d be a question for Neil or other actual Discourse staff/support peoples.

I believe we were told that custom buttons was available on a more expensive tier. Given the extreme amount of money that the Cannons put into keeping this place afloat… I’m down to live without special buttons. :\

I’d choose you guys over a get rekt button any day. You guys are family!

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