Does T.Bonne got a glitch thats actually usefull like juggs :clap:

Unfortunately, none that I can think of.

In the arcade version of the game, she has this really annoying glitch where you manage to successfully pull off the Lunch Rush Super Combo on your opponent, only to have the Servbots run past your foe, WITHOUT hitting him/her. Thank God they corrected this in the PS2 version, unfortunately, at the cost of making it incapable of hitting two people at the same time.

If you can activate her power up, yes, you can keep it for the rest of the game… :confused:

Most of her “glitches” aren’t helpful and just cause the Lunch Rush not to hit. She’s still pretty buff, but you have to play your ass off to have a chance with her, and she’s extremely counterable… which makes any match her a total head game.

preppy! what is her power up? what are you talkin about? … .

i am using mst again, even tho i barely play the game, how have you been foolio.


I was kidding about her power up. She definitely has some weird properties, but no terribly useful glitches that I’m aware of. :smile: (Although King Kobun should always get one hit out - that can be a pretty useful trade when needed.)

I’m doing pretty damn well. Still using Tron with pretty much any other random characters, with a preference for RogueStormTron for fun these days, MegaManCableTron when I feel like being abusive, and MagCT when I feel like being more serious. Still managing to hold my own against most everybody around here, still managing to find some way to lose to the really good players even when I’ve got a big lead. I find that I play my best when it’s just Tron left: nobody knows what to exact when fighting her. :smile:

Got a new car (350Z), hosting some poker nights, enjoying the sun… it’s been pretty damn good times around here. How’s it down in Cali, foo?

playing poker also, got a gf etc etc. everything is good.