Glitch Calibur THREE!

This game sucks. Discuss.

Such a shame, but I guess this was expected with Namco don’t doing an arcade release for the game.

I’m guessing people are going back to SC2, or is there still a glimmer of hope for SC1? Come on…a dreamcast, and especially the coughgame cough shouldn’t be too hard to find.

I’m guessing that people should follow mandel’s gospel, and just burn their copies of any soul calibur ANYTHING and go learn MvC2 or CvS2…or at least tekken tag if they really need a 3d fix

by the way this is frankdadank in case this isn’t my name…


I think you pretty much covered it.

With health cranked to 0%, my friends and I were able to have a few solid minutes of fun as we competed to see who could quick-draw a suicide first with Yoshimitsu. Unfortunately, Yoshimitsu has one of the longest winning animations, and since winning animations are unskippable, we eventually stopped out of irritation with him.

We ain’t going back to shit, especially after how boring SC2 got.

If there’s no re-release (and odds are there won’t be), Soul Calibur is dead until SC4, assuming that’s actually GOOD. Another stinker and we’ll all just kill ourselves the day it’s released.

What are some of the glitches/why does it suck/etc? I’ve only played it for like 2 minutes in training at a Gamecrazy, seemed like a normal 'ol soul calibur to me…

Sometimes, when I look at this site…I wonder to myself, why don’t I have a girlfriend??? There are times when I wanna just leave the house and sweep some girl off her feet with some snappy dappy off the wall cd nigga game that only a few possess (me being one of them). But usually I find myself sitting at home wondering why. Why am I in this position? Why am I viewing these boards? Why am I replying in threads like this??

I guess the world may never know. And I may never have closure.

Seahawks-27 Giants-17

That’s my prediction for Sunday.

That was a great post, but I’d give the Giants another TD on top of it.

toshinden > sc

VF > Toshiden >>>>>> Dog Shit >>>>>>> Tekken >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SC

Move to Vegas. :tup:


:clap:Move to hell:clap:

Just Joshin’ home slice.

Been almost 2 months and this game still sucks.

Just thought you all should know that.

Blue bentley with the blue rims, customized with the chrome grill!

if i didn’t have T5,T4,TTT,Toshinden,VF4EVO,Dead or alive 4, or checker board, i would play SC3

Now checkers, there’s a well-programmed piece of software.

Red is cheap, and Kings rape the game.
Lets all just play Chess cause Knights are top tier.

maybe some day a good 3d fighting game will come out. … nahh probably not.

There are some out there, SC III just isnt one of them.

I told Zig that the first day I got it.

I pretty much went hey Zig


This game sucks

Well maybe you just havent gave it a chance


That was basically it, damn waste of 50 bucks.