Glendales Bitch Vs. Soo Round 2

Amazingly the nikka won! :bluu: both bets

A perfect Game ( soo has to get a perfect game outta 10 ) $10
lost all games but no perfect for soo

Ohh god help me Game ( best outta 10 ) $10
glendales bitch - 1 ( cable sent capcom )
SooMighty- 2 ( storm sent doom )

first 2 games where no problem, but someone how the dirty armo pulled some tricks out of he sleaves and won, match was pretty close … glendales bitch had a full capcom and soo had partial storm and partial sent … like every other armo … the nikka ran and bearly surviving the storm rushdown

glendales bitch is getting better cuz he lost 10 strait last time to soo :bluu:, but he gots sents unblockable so he won, but hes still glendales bitch and a big ass scrub cuz he loses A LOT and hes armenian :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: j/k =P

but just to throw it in his face ( Double or nothing ) that he still sucks , soo beats him blindfolded OCV!!! … till the next episode…

As long as I get the blindfolded OCV, I’m happy :slight_smile:
That cross-up you were doing on my Sent was sick Dan.

:wink: didnt know where to block huh? :stuck_out_tongue: , ill teach it to u and pottah sometime

blindfolds, bets for perfecting? lol ahahahahahahha

man this guy must enjoy getting raped

glendales bitch is the greatest nickname ever :lol:

The bitch likes getting raped he deserves it cuz he’s juz a typical armo that likes to talk shit keep on raping his ass soo

Ya’ll need to relax. He’s not a bad guy. I’m not beating him so you guys can bag on him. I’m not taking it easy on him because I would like to see someone get better. Just take it easy on the guy. He’s got feelings too.

easy for you to say, he’s paying for your weed

You would think by now this guy would get the clue. The hint. The hunch. I guess not.

DC: i think i know the crossup your talking bout… shady was doing it a while back
i think i already know it

you think by now, you would get clue and realize youre a fucking gimp

You would think by now, you’d get the clue. The Hint. The hunch…Kill yourself =)

soo’s bitch is too powerful.