Glenburg89's Anime, Music, and Gaming collection! (Round 1)

Update: Most items have been sold besides the Final Fantasy, Naruto, and Yugioh cards
Hey everyone.
Everything is in near mint condition.
*** Shipping Method: Priority Mail 2-3 days***
*** Payment Method: Paypal***

Final Fantasy VIII Triple Traid Cards
Selling the set for $26.06 (Shipped)
it includes:

079 - Angelo
080 - Gilgamesh
081 - Moogle
082 - Boco
083 - Quetzalcoatl
084 - Shiva
085 - Ifrit
086 - Siren
087 - Sacred
088 - Minotaur
089 - Carbuncle
090 - Diablos (All cards)

Naruto and Yugioh cards
Random assortment of 20 cards: $10 (Will include at least 3 of each type of card).

Shipping: $5.76

Thanks for looking!

Might be interested in outlaw star, let me see what i get for a paycheck friday and ill let you know ^^

Sounds cool!
Thanks for your interest ^^!

PM about Champloo.

Ok, PM noted!

Its a no go on the anime this week v-v, god damn surgcharge crap on new cell phone, maybe next week

That sucks man.
And yeah, cell phone companies are tricky. I had to cancel a .99 feature that was actually a $9.99 subscription!
Good luck with that.

bump topic*

pm sent on outlaw and tenchi

Outlaw Star and Tenchi Muyo GXP SOLD.

Samurai Champloo and Yumeria have also been SOLD.

damn, missed out on the SC(it was a great price).

Yeah, sorry dude.
If I had another copy I’d sell it for the same price.

np. thx anyways.

Yep, you’re welcome.

Update: New items added and shipping included on most items!

Added: Final Fantasy VIII Limited Edition Soundtrack.

How is Jinki Extend?

I actually haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet.
I just opened the package to see inside.
Here is the trailer for the same set I got.

The Street Fighter II V collection has been sold.