Gl0ry's FREE Stick Art Request Thread

I’ve been disappointed with the community lately by seeing people charge money for stick art…

Back in '03-'05 most of us on mishmash did this kind of stuff for free. Most of us on SRK aren’t professionals. We do this as a hobby. Most of us also use images that are copyright, floating on the web, and rehash them on stick art, so why charge money? I do stuff like this to help better myself and to learn from experiences. I’m not looking to make quick money off of the SF4 hype.

These things should be treated as a learning experience and also to help out the community. This is a time of economic crisis… so I’ve decided to start my own thread to try to help out my brothers.

If you’re happy with what you get, you’re welcomed to donate. Nothing is manditory.

Stick art can be a very time consuming process, and many revisions may be needed to satisfy the request. I’ve done this type of work for a while now and I understand the process.

I’m only taking seven requests for now. My turnaround time is pretty fast. I may be open for more requests during the summer time, but right now I’m in college and don’t have a lot of free time to do this.

  1. Kooper [done]
  2. ConnorB_ELF [done]
  3. vizard [done]
  4. Eckz 3 [done]
  5. RayBlade X [done]
  6. milosh99 [done]
  7. acllaim [done]

Be very specific with what you want, provide pictures and templates if possible. Be sure to specify what button and balltop colors you are using. Also specify if you’re using clear semitsu buttons.

If you don’t like it, don’t use it. I have no problem with that, so don’t feel obligated to use what you get on your custom stick. I’ll try my best to satisfy your art requests.








rayblade x:


To others still wanting some stuff done, and to those who have mentioned wanting to donate, I appreciate the kind gesture but I am very busy right now with school and finals coming up in a couple of weeks. I’ll most likely do this service again in the summer. If you guys are absolutely desperate and have no one else who can help you, pm me and I’ll see what I can do. No promises though.**

I charge but payment is in premium subscriptions :stuck_out_tongue:

Got any examples of your work??

hi im almost new here :stuck_out_tongue: came to this wonderful forum in an attempt to mod my SE fightstick and im having trouble finding a copy of photoshop…

the first pic is ideal, i would love black sploshes around the buttons. i imagine his head could fit between the joystick/buttons? thatd be so cool.

if its not a good enough image the second one might fit. would be cool if i could cut/paste fuerte on gief right outta the pick and place it under the joystick against a black background with blue sploshes on the buttons… not sure if the spark on his finger would stay but id love that against a black background…

anyways thanks a lot if u can help me out. i have a LOT of artwork if anyone else wants to make a request for any specific artwork id love to contribute to this thread.

also this is for a SE fightstick, heres a template.

thanks so much glory if u could help

o and if my requests aren’t clear please pm me ill be happy to explain.

o and if anyone else wants to use sploshes/bloodsplatter in photoshop like i’ve requested here are some tools to do so.

credit goes directly to chaosUK for the link as he uploaded it.

just c/p that file into photoshop/presets/brushes

tutorial on using/installing them:

again thanks goes out to chaosUK for these links not me.

Ok I’ll get to work on it. What color balltop/buttons are you using?

thanks so much!

I was wondering if you can make me a Stick art of the Sega Astro city cabinet 1 player control panel. I’m at work now But I haven’t found a good picture of it but I’ll try to when I get home. The layout is for a HRAP 2 ,I’ll post that too when I get home.Thanks for your time.

Connor, please state what color buttons you’re using.

blue sanwa’s same as the stick ball.

You are the man Gl0ry. If you are willing I would like a template with one of the following images.

I’ll be using Dark Blue Sanwa Buttons and Balltop, and ocasionally a Seimitsu Violet Bubble Top. Being used on a Hori RAP EX

Thanks in advance bro. I’m personally not too keen on the splotches around buttons / balltop. However, You’re the artist and I don’t want to feel too demanding, But I just like elegance in simplicity if that makes sense.

edit- removed img codes, those puppies felt too big on this thread…

Connor, your art is done. I vectorized everything so it looks great imo. No blurry pixels, all super crisp and ready for print. That’s the jpg version and it fits the madcatz SE stick layout. I took off the template so you could see the whole image. I have it in .psd file also obviously and if you need it let me know.

I hit the back with a blue gradient, so it should go very well with your sanwa blue scheme.

El fuerte’s name was also vectored from an in game screenshot. So it’s an ingame name/font there.

Forgot in my first post, if you need it has the .psd template for the rap ex

wow thank you so much. its people like you that make this forum so great.

just to let everyone know glory produced that amazing template easily within a day of my request. more like within hours.

just so great.

a. better than anything you’d pay for, he met ALL of my requests and matched my buttons perfectly.

b. he delivered it in record time. was free. he did it because he wanted to help someone out, which means a lot to me and this forum.


Dark blue sanwa buttons? The ones that look kinda purplish?

Yep. Hence the clear bubble top violet seimitsu.

VF5R stick art for a Madcatz TE please.

Your choice of Art. I’ll have Black stick w/black buttons.

oh baby, i like this request.

yo glory!
wondering if you could make me a nice artwork for my mad catz fightstick se xbox 360…

the template -

my thoughts was having this picture:

some inspire of how the background could look like:

the picture should be positioned by the stick, i can’t do it by myself but if you could make the picture mirror wise so he faces his body to the right instead of left would be nice. a cool flashy bakground (some inspiration from the background pictures above, really liked your el fuerte background btw), dunno really which color but i ordered a lightblue sanwa joystick and 6 lightblue sanwa buttons if thats any help :)… If possible splash effects would also be appreciated around the stick with a black color, the first 6 buttons (lp/lk - mp/mk - hp/hk) button with a lightblue splash color and the last two ones (ppp/kkk) with a black color splash.

In the bottom right corner should my name “Milo” with a nice font be placed with pretty large text. Somewhere on the picture doesnt really matter where should a text say “For Mother of Suria!” with the same font :).

if you have any other good ideas just add them, i trust on you

Cheers / Milo

Kooper’s stick art is ready for pickup

Thanks for the art, it’s really well made, I am very happy with the quality of the work. Hopefully you don’t get too swamped with requests, your skills are top notch.