Giving people templates?

Hey I am about to give someone a template for a fightstick I made but am not sure what file to give them? I have the .PSD template saved as a jpeg at like 3396X2372 so is that file ok to give them? It is for a SE fightstick. Or do I have to upload the .PSD file on to a website such as photobucket ( I tried and photobucket only allows jpeg). Thanks much.

I searched all the template forums but they only explain how to cutout, make, and design art.

Give your friend this. Like give him the link.

the link to the jpeg?
Like this?

Don’t use JPEG as it flattens every layer which can’t be reversed. These layers are important.

Now that I am looking at it the resolution is very low for the file thats on photobucket

I already flattened the layers on the .PSD and the resolution doesn’t change it just puts the layers together.

I checked your image, sorry. Umm… Give him the PSD directly through AIM or something.

isn’t there a way to upload online to make it easier? I have seen links on the SFIV template board that send you to the .PSD

Is your friend ready to print the template at, say, FedEx Kinkos or Staples? Then send it as a .pdf, since both places want the file format in that format, that should be fine. Just make sure it’s the proper size to fit on the SE.

.psd format is good if your friend wants to make any more changes in Photoshop as long as the layers are still there and the image not flattened.

You can save any image being worked on in Photoshop and make it into another image format (jpeg, psd, pdf, gif). Just “Save as”, and change the format before saving. Be aware that if not saved as .psd (generally speaking), you may flatten the image, so be careful.

You can upload any file up to 200MB for free on

ok thanks ill just save it as a .pdf then because gimp must of flattened the art when I clicked it for my other template. Thanks again

You can’t save files as .pdf in Gimp? lol.

You can upload to MediaFire?