Giving it a shot :)

Hey guys,

Want to post some questions and hopefully someone can help me out…

Long story short… i ve been unemployed for a while now, but instead of playing videogames all day (like i was tempted to), or settling with the first job “opportunity” that came my way, i used (and still use) all my time creating a fighting game - on paper - im not a programmer.

Being unsatisfied with the current fighting game scene (been playing for 26 years now), i wrote down every detail that would make the perfect old school fighting game.Think of it like a manual / recipe for making the perfect “1998” game with todays graphics (some of you might know what i mean ;)).
Even hired a graphic designer to design the characters (and he did a great job that exceeded my expectations).

So, after months and months of work and research i got everything down: Controls, Game Mechanics, Characters, Movelists (now working on input commands), Stages, even Music examples and Props / Scenarios for the cutscenes (work in progress).

All this info, along with a lot of pictures, added up to a printed out book of more than 230 A4 pages.

Then recently, i took that book and i walked in a big company (contrary to what internet forums advised) and got told by the receptionist that i can’t talk to anyone (not even HR). Surprisingly enough a guy outside checked out my project and he liked it. He managed to get me some time with a high ranking fellow there and we had a couple of meetings. Although they liked my work, negotiations didn’t go through successfully as they decided they won’t be making a fighting game any time soon.

my questions are these… So what now? i would have to travel abroad to repeat same procedure with a similar caliber company.

What would you do?

And… Does anyone here know someone i would want to talk to?

You have no reason to help out, or even to believe my story. But if you are like me and prefer street Fighter 2, tekken 3, virtua fighter 3 and (yes) dead or alive 3 rather than the modern, uninspired and “seasonal” situation we have going on today, then you might want to.

Thank you

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I’d hate to be a pessimist, but I think your time is better spent looking for a regular job.

I know someone in the gaming industry, and he says you’re shit out of luck if you don’t know how to code. It’s just not enough to be a creative person, you have to have at least some technical skills in your locker as well. When you apply as a game designer it’s more or less taken for granted that you can write a story, design characters etc. Your technical skills are what land you the job.

i get what you re saying and it does make sense…

However im gonna be a bit of an optimist here due to my recent experiences. i was very close to closing the deal in a big company. Unfortunately the people who liked my work the most were “low tier” and the “high tier” people who could greenlight the project didn’t quite play fighting games :confused:

Having said that, the whole ordeal is like a marathon - not a sprint, and it’s not unlikely that i would have to get a job until i make the right connections. Now about coding… idk, just seems like a lot to take on! No doubt it would come in handy though!

I feel you need to revualuate your priorities.

Passion projects are nice to have but you need to have well established functionally life and it sounds like you don’t yet. Keep your idea in your head or wright them down but also take control of your life can put yourself in a better situations.

if you feel your passion project will really give you life fulfillment…then no one can stop you…but we do urge you to keep thing in perspective.

Hey keo-bas, thanks for writing!

The actual and only matter is this:
i ve got a complete game on paper and im looking for Konami’s and Sega’s emails.

Plan B:
A good friend / martial arts instructor said to me “If the game thing doesn’t happen, you can turn this into an encyclopedia”. sometimes i think i might as well start with that :stuck_out_tongue:

My opinion is the same as others.
Find a regular job first and make it your interest.
Plus, start learning simple programming and find a programmer (you need at least the knowledge)

I’m making one too but the difference is I code, draw and publish all by myself.
And I do have a day time job to support my family.

Hey Zax,

Thanks, your advice sounds logical.

Very interesting that you re making one too! What kind if you don’t mind me asking? Any chance we get a glimpse of it soon?

Right now im at the phase of looking around for programmers for making a prototype.

p.s. i’m single and no family to support, so at least i ve got that going for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi GXvii,

Here is the YouTube video of the demo.

As an interest, it take me 2 years to go this far.

You can also try this demo, link is in the info section of the video. (It’s a bit hard to see on the phone YouTube app, need to expand to see)

There are only 2 playable character in this demo. You can access it on the right bottom corner of the title screen (the main game is my other game).

This is still a prototype as I haven’t decide what is the final system gonna to be like.

More hoping like old KOF or SF zero 3 style.

Plan is 9 character + boss, net play and Bluetooth controller support.

I’ve got the basic of all 9 characters In my other action game (the main game where you access the demo) what’s missing are air, sit actions and the master system (I want to design something unique like sf zero 3 v system or kof maximum cancel system)

If you have questions about this demo that might help you build yours, please let me know.


Hey Zax!

It looks really cool! i like how the spoiled rich girl has her servants do the work :slight_smile: Very original!

Just downloaded the game and playing it now! The move demo before you start is great. And the tutorial also! Thought my device switches off randomly (needs a format) so i barely managed to finish the tutorial after many tries :stuck_out_tongue:
How come when they walk backwards they turn their backs to the opponent? Do you face multiple opponents later on?
Going through the character select i can see a major anime influence, am i right?

My game is on the opposite end of the fighting game spectrum. Going for the realistic 3d fighter approach. i don’t really want to make it for mobile (cause of controls mostly)

Hi GXvii,

Sounds like you gone into the actual game.
The actual game is a side scroll action game, thats why the control is totally different. There are no sit action, auto facing and yes there is multiple enemy at the same screen similar to final fight, thats why it is a bit different. (but I’m going to use the same sprite in the 2d fighting version)

The vs fighting game demo version as seem on the youtube link are only accessible from the
button on the title screen. If you click somewhere else then it goes into the actual game (I know most of people skipped it without knowing that)

I guess you must have an Android phone and for some reason the game crashes on older or mod devices.

About the anime influence, yes for sure. My goal is hoping players feel like “Yes, I see this kind of character somewhere, but when playing it feels familiar but some how its different”

Sorry didn’t know you are creating a 3D fighting game as you mentioned originally draw on an A4 but after read your original message again you did mentioned more 3D fighters that you like.

Big companies create 2D fighters with 3D rendering (DBZ or GGXrd) or some event create 3D model and then export it into 2D sprite (BB or KOF XIII)

I’m more an old school that play 2D fighting game for almost 30 years now, thats why I still create it in the traditional Photoshop drawing + my own coded editor style. Afraid can not give you must advice on creating any 3D side.

About the mobile device choice, the only reason I do so as it is cheaper to develop and almost everybody in the world now owns a console with them. I agree it is painful to play fighting game using the on screen control. Thats why I’m going to support blue tooth controller in the real 2D fighting version. (Or maybe even let player play on the same device like P1 use on screen control and P2 use controller and show the screen on TV with Chromcast or Apple TV)

Lastly, sorry for talking so long.
This post should be mainly about your game, but finding people still willing to create their own fighting games excite me a bit.

Haha, no problem, i am exactly the same way!
It’s a great game you ve got going on!

Yeah, mobile controls bother me - im all about air tight controls in a competitive fighting game. Graphics are catching up though, mobile tekken doesn’t look bad at all.

Like you say, bluetooth controllers could be a solution… Can 2 be used on the same device while it’s connected to Chromcast or Apple tv?

FYI about the Bluetooth controller spec.
Not quite sure about chromecast, iPhone, iPad only support 1 at a time as far as I know. (I think android too but not 100% sure)

If you build a native Apple TV app then it support 1 Bluetooth controller plus one Apple remote.

Pc / mac is easy to develop and release yourself like mobile but very easy to get copy and play for free (even steam game can be crack now if they play offline, nless you don’t plan to get some income)

Console so far only Xbox one is more indie developer friendly. PS4 or switch pretty sure they won’t even let you buy the dev kit unless they heard your company before (or at least some successful kick stater campaign that got lots of supporter)

Update: Things are going well i think. Starting to think about kickstarter. Opinions / suggestions?

First impression: search a real job

Second thought: show at least a pic to give me the idea of overall quality level of the product, and still i will probably suggest you to search a real job

Hey Cestus,

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Things are going well and will keep this thread updated with news at the soonest possible.

What’s the difference between coding, writing, programming, etc?

Also, what’s the difference between the following? In my book, they are all the same:

Computer Coder
Computer Programmer
Software Engineer
Computer Scientist
Software Developer

I see no difference? Anyone can chime in…

OP says that they don’t know how to code, that’s the issue.

As for your question.

Computer Science specifically refers to more abstract, mathematical concepts such as Stacks, Heaps, other data structures, algorithmic complexity, etc. You usually get a degree in CS.

Software Engineer/Developer don’t have a real distinction imo unless you want to get real pedantic but these are typical job titles in the real world.

Programmer/Coder is a catch-all term that I would associate more with the general task of writing code. Coder especially to me sounds like more or a amateur / hobby thing.

Hey guys! It’s been a while! Finally i’ve got something to show you - just started promoting a bit online!

Your feedback is much appreciated!