Give weak characters better powers! (A.K.A. Shotoshop Saturday, #1)

Hey guys, the idea for this thread is simple:

-Find a character from any game, cartoon, or whatever that has no right of being there, based on his dumbass powers. (In my example, I used pretty much the ultimate version of this character: Mati)

-Give him/her/it a better power so it can compete with the rest of the characters from the show.*

-Post the result here.

(It is impossible to find a high res version of this, so bear with me)

*Of course, if you can come up with a better power for the same character, don’t hesitate to post.

(Fuck Something Awful and their Photoshop Phriday! This is SRK’s Shotoshop Saturday!) :bgrin:

Fuck Something Awful should be left at that. We aren’t trying to be them either

I’m not a fan of this :shake:

Of that particular statement, or the thread idea?

If it’s about the statement, it’s all in good fun, I like SA, especially for the Photoshop Phriday and Comedy Goldmine. (I’ll add a smiley for clarification)
If it’s about the thread idea, well… ya can’t please everybody. I still think the power of beard > the power of heart.