Give a little bit of trust this time :D . TetsuAKA's request thread!


i got this… :tup:

:Pick Ups:

LBC (sprite+tag)

SRKFADC (sprite+tag)




Can you make me a Maya Fey (from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) avatar? You can use any artwork/sprites and follow your own artistic vision.



Your style. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in something done with Adon and Sagat. Alpha or SSFIV style is fine. Thanks in advance.

It’d be nice seeing some Tetsu avs again. Welcome back! :tup:

kk plz supply sprites/stock on request.

good to see ya again str[e]ak :tup:

Ok, I’ve narrowed down what it is I’m looking for:

Basically, I was hoping you would be able to use the Adon win pose with his Alt 2 costume and the message at the bottom being “Ampatent”.

I can’t get direct footage, so if you have the capability then I would love to see that, but otherwise I took pictures off-screen of what I’m talking about and all I need is the text changed and perhaps a paint splatter border (black).


Take your pick of which images will work best. Again thanks in advance.

Here’s my quick mock up of the idea:

X 23 Avatar

txt: I <3 SRKFADC

Can i get a zero avatar please? You can choose whatever you think is best out of these 2 pics… Thanks…

Main Characters - x4 zerodash - The Mega Man Gallery

Main Characters - x6 zeroback - The Mega Man Gallery

aight ty guys, im workin on em right now. its been awhile so these can be considered practice :stuck_out_tongue:

radiant yours is done, check Pick ups

Where you been?

lazy lol. good to see ya agian

Tuna yours is finished

Thanks! Lookin’ goooood. I owe you one.

Could I get a Yang with one of the following pics? Whatever makes it look better would be greatly appreciated. THX!

could you take yun out of this picture and make a yun avatar for me? non premium sized please

Yin…no…Yun Yang by *Tyshea on deviantART

Shiiii- Tetsu av’s! :wow:

Its been a long ass time since I requested an av lol dont even remember that last time I did. But I wanna request one.

Pic is Here

Last hit of super (where she has her fist in the air).



lookin’ good. Imma put it in a sec.

Thanks :slight_smile:

kk starting on the next ones. sorry guys ive been busy workin on a portfolio page for a future buisness. gimme time but i promise ill be doing all of them :tup:

LBC- good to see ya agian breh :wink: i gotchu for sure
lol i used that exact same sprite stance on a ava for makoto-scrub a few years ago so i got a few ideas

Cynistar - i havnt play sf4 i swear in literally 2+ months, ill practice up and beast your akuma :tup:

i still have this from years ago if you want it again lol

I remember I made one too but I lost the PSD and I used the wrong color -__-. Wasnt for me anyhow I just posted it in the free av thread :lol:

That one is hella nice, take your time boss no rush :smokin:

LBC that ava is nice man :tup:

Ampatent check Pick Ups