Gief's Spinning Piledriver

Just from reading a Zangief faq, I was literally kicking myself in the ass after finding out and later testing in the training room that the easy way of doing his sppd is just by holding uf, hcf +p.:rolleyes:

My question is was it always that easy of doing the move in the other sf games, or did Capcom just made it that way for Gief in his later apperances i.e. Mvc 2 Cvsnk 1 and 2?

I never played Gief too much, although he’s pretty good if you master the sp’pd. And can other characters that have 360 motions for special moves be done the same way.

I remember way back from playing the old sfs and never really likeing them too much mostly cause I was still a young kid and played scrubby. I turned to mk instead, and later got hooked on sf again after the alpha series and later mvc 2, and practiced and started to become pretty good.

Gief is a classic.

after reading your post, i went i tried it out. it doesn’t work in sfII, sfII championship, turbo, super (+ turbo)… none of the other games are in my arcade, nor are the others from the vs series, so if you get a chance to check those out, let me know?